The Power of Viral Marketing

Written by Peter Dobler

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Iím not expecting to repeat Hotmailís success with my little viral marketing project, but Iím convinced that sooner or laterrepparttar profits will come. It is simply a matter of time. All you need is a good product that you control and be able to give out for free. Make sure that you will be able to place your advertising onrepparttar 142045 front page ofrepparttar 142046 product.

You can advertise your newsletter, your web site, products youíre selling, anything you will make a profit if somebody clicks throughrepparttar 142047 advertising onrepparttar 142048 freebie. I spare you withrepparttar 142049 details whyrepparttar 142050 same ad advertised through viral marketing is so much more effective than regular advertising.

Just one thought. Would you click on a single ad embedded in a software or book send to you by a friend you trust? Of course you would. There is nothing suspicious about this. Itís your friend who recommended this inrepparttar 142051 first place. Onrepparttar 142052 other hand nobody actually clicks on advertising popping up on strange web sites you never heard of before.

Now you see why I like viral marketing so much. Quite frankly I believe inrepparttar 142053 future it isrepparttar 142054 only marketing that works. SPAM filters and popup blockers already make it almost impossible to get through to our prospects and it will not get any better.

Prepare your self forrepparttar 142055 future and implement viral marketing today. You will be glad you did.

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Peter Dobler is an active real estate investor and a successful internet entrepreneur. See viral marketing in action at

Internet Business Ė How to Make Real Money

Written by Peter Dobler

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Next I create doorway pages forrepparttar new web site and promote them torepparttar 142044 search engines through a blog. Search engines will index your pages much faster when you have a link to them from a blog. Never submit your sales web site directly to any search engines. You will get much higher rankings if they find you.

I also make sure that I place an unblockable popup window on every doorway page to sign up for my newsletter. This way I capture at leastrepparttar 142045 email addresses of my visitors. Also several Google AdSense windows will give me a little kick back.

To make it even more profitable, onrepparttar 142046 thank you page forrepparttar 142047 newsletter subscription I give away free stuff with lots of references to other web sites of mine and I makerepparttar 142048 subscriber aware thatrepparttar 142049 real good stuff to download is hidden in an email. If they gave me a fake email just to downloadrepparttar 142050 free software it wonít work. But at least they downloadrepparttar 142051 free promo material. My stats showing me that this is working. I always make sure thatrepparttar 142052 free stuff Iím giving away has viral marketing built in. It needs to reproduce itself without any intervention from my part.

This doesnít look like a lot, but after setting up over 10 sales web sitesrepparttar 142053 system is gaining momentum. After a while I will droprepparttar 142054 pay-per-click advertising andrepparttar 142055 system supports itself with enough visitors to make a profit.

Ok, youíre absolutely right. This is a lot of work. However, dorepparttar 142056 math. Letís say you create a new sales web site every month. After 6 months you break even withrepparttar 142057 initial setup cost andrepparttar 142058 startup pay-per-click costs. After that youíre making net profits. Letís also say youíre making $200 a month in profits. Not much, but realistic. After just one year you have 12 sales web sites up and running and they produce $2400 a month in profits. Would you walk away from a business like this? Hell no.

Bottom line if you want to get rich quick you need to go to Vegas. If you want to start a serious Internet business you might want to follow my strategy. This works for me, chances are that it will work for you too. If you really want to push this system torepparttar 142059 limits simply create an affiliate program on top of it and your profits will go throughrepparttar 142060 roof.


Peter Dobler

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Peter Dobler is an active real estate investor and a successful internet entrepreneur. See viral marketing in action at

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