The Power of Topical Search Engines

Written by S. Housley

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Advertisers will also flock to search portals that are industry-specific, as they appreciaterepparttar unique benefit of reaching a very targeted audience who have a higher likelihood of purchasing their product or service.

Considerrepparttar 135691 niche search engine, Alarm Tools - . The traffic this portal attracts will be of significant interest to manufacturers of security equipment or emergency supplies. Imaginerepparttar 135692 targeted traffic that an alarm company could receive from a link inrepparttar 135693 above search directory.

Comtemplaterepparttar 135694 quality traffic a financial planner could glean from an RSS search directory focussed on finance and investing at .

Locating topic-specific search engines is not all that difficult. Consider usingrepparttar 135695 resources provided by Search Engine Watch, Web Search Engines, and Search Engine Guide to locate engines that are topic-specific:

Search Engine Watch - Web Search Engines - Search Engine Guide -

Qualified 'clickers' or interested buyers is what it is all about; whether you are selling a product or advertising,repparttar 135696 more targetedrepparttar 135697 trafficrepparttar 135698 betterrepparttar 135699 fit. As an advertiser, consider topic- specific search engines. As an online marketer, consider creating a niche search portal, asrepparttar 135700 market is ripe.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

Trying and trying to Submit to Yahoo!

Written by Alison Berke Morano

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d. Make sure your address is listed SOMEWHERE on your website.

e. Fill inrepparttar Comments/Suggestions section atrepparttar 128439 end ofrepparttar 128440 form. They really would like to know what you have to say about your website.

f. Use as many keywords as you can in your title & description.

2. Getting in withoutrepparttar 128441 cash:

If you would like to submit your site, but don't want to payrepparttar 128442 $199 fee, then you can go in throughrepparttar 128443 Regional/Local categories and stand a good chance.

a. Make sure you choose a category that hasrepparttar 128444 company's home town or city in it (e.g. "flowers Garden City, New York" ) - this may limit your search capabilities slightly, but a lot of regional sites come up in general searches on Yahoo! as well asrepparttar 128445 top categories. So, your site will come up under Flowers, as well as Flowers New York.

b. Again, fill outrepparttar 128446 form COMPLETELY

d. Make sure your address is listed SOMEWHERE on your website.

e. Fill inrepparttar 128447 Comments/Suggestions section atrepparttar 128448 end ofrepparttar 128449 form.

f. Use as many keywords as you can in your title & description.

Some general tips for your submissions:

Althoughrepparttar 128450 categories are not always listed alphabetically,repparttar 128451 sites withinrepparttar 128452 categories are alphabetical, so come up with a good title, that has a low letter (like A or B), but, do not stretchrepparttar 128453 truth about your site. This is a Yahoo! no-no.

And, make sure your title or description does not read like Ad Copy - DO NOT write: The Best Flowers inrepparttar 128454 World! or #1 Flower Site - this will definitely put you inrepparttar 128455 outbox.

Okay, these are some ofrepparttar 128456 tips we can offer you on getting your site listed. While does include Yahoo! submissions in our general marketing proposals, we wanted to help you as much as possible if you would like to try it on your own.

The above guidelines have helped us tremendously, and they'll work for you.

If you'd like some more information about marketing services, please contact us at:

Alison Berke Morano, owner of, is an Inernet Marketing expert with 6 years of experience in Search Engine & Website marketing.

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