The Power of Online Friendship

Written by Timothy Ward

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It's actually easier than it may at first appear. All it takes is a little initiative. For example, how many times have you seen sections in ezines whererepparttar publisher mentions that he/she would welcome any feedback from subscribers? Also in every ezine, right. Well, this is an open invitation to start a friendship. You'd be surprised at how happy publishers get when they receive feedback from loyal subscribers. Most of them will probably write you back and thank you for your feedback, and they may even include some personal comments or ask you how you found out aboutrepparttar 125144 ezine, how long you've been a subscriber, what do you do onrepparttar 125145 internet etc. At this point you've got a conversation going, and a friendship flourishing. All you have to do is respond back and pretty soon you may be on your way to making a power friend.

Of course friendship is a two-way street. So if an ezine publisher helps you out by running your ad or giving you an endorsement, try to see if there is a way you can help him/her out. If you have a website, why not place a link to their ezine on it. Or forward a copy of their ezine to a few friends every week. By doing this you will be showing that you appreciate all thatrepparttar 125146 publisher did for you, and you will strengthen your online friendship, and soon both of you will be experiencingrepparttar 125147 power of a good friend.

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Double Your Income With This Best Kept Business Secret

Written by Leigh Butler

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If your business is not doing as well as you would like it to be doing, you probably need to spend more time promoting.

I know what you are thinking. How can I spend more time promoting and less time managing?

Simple. Learn this best kept business secret - Speed Reading.

Speed Reading is a technique widely used byrepparttar offline business community. Large companies pay thousands of dollars each year to have their employees trained in Speed Reading techniques.

Why would large companies invest so much money in Speed Reading training for their employees? Productivity of course.

You see, learning Speed Reading techniques allows you to double or triple your reading speed. That means you accomplish more in less time.

Business owners know that they and their employees will be more productive so they don't mind spendingrepparttar 125143 money since ultimatelyrepparttar 125144 increased productivity will lead to greater profits.

For some reasonrepparttar 125145 online community has failed to embrace this technique. But if any business owner ever needs to learn Speed Reading,repparttar 125146 online business owner does.

Withrepparttar 125147 constant flow of emails, ezines, and articles along withrepparttar 125148 web copy that online business owners must read each day just to keep up, Speed Reading is a necessary skill in order to be productive.

If mastered, Speed Reading techniques can essentially increaserepparttar 125149 productivity ofrepparttar 125150 online business owner. Increased productivity simply means spending less time managing and more time promoting. The increase in time spent promoting leads to greater profits.

Have you been spending more time managing your business rather than promoting your business? If so, now isrepparttar 125151 time to makerepparttar 125152 change. Start spending 80% of your time promoting your business and watch your profits soar.

Speed Reading is a valuable business tool. Master it. Then use it to your advantage!

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