The Power of Notes

Written by Roger Carr

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I would encourage you to start writing notes regularly. What a simple way to influence people's lives in a positive way. If you are concerned about how to get started,repparttar following two books onrepparttar 150018 subject have beenrepparttar 150019 most useful to me:

- "The Art ofrepparttar 150020 Handwritten Note: A Guide to Reclaiming Civilized Communication" by Margaret Shepherd

- "Business Notes: Writing Personal Notes That Build Professional Relationships" by Florence Isaacs

Get a note card, pen and stamp. Write a note to someone who has been on your mind today. Only God knows how much that person, andrepparttar 150021 world, will change forrepparttar 150022 better due torepparttar 150023 few minutes you take out of your busy schedule to write a few sentences.

Roger Carr is the founder of Everyday Giving. His life purpose is to help people help others. He lives with his wife and son in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. Learn more about Everyday Giving and sign up for thier free ezine at

The Benefits of Learning How To Concentrate

Written by Ruth Ritchie-Farmer

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Consider this... If you allow yourself to focus on negative images you unconsciously build a negative disposition. You will think of poverty, weakness, disease, fear, etc. and as surely as you think of these will your objective life express itself in a like way. What we think, we will manifest inrepparttar external world. Wouldn't your life be better if you could train yourself to consciously focus only on health, wealth and happiness?

The third benefit of learning how to concentrate is that it enhances our creativity on a higher and more spiritual level. In deep concentration you become linked withrepparttar 149985 great creative spirit ofrepparttar 149986 universe, andrepparttar 149987 creative energy then flows through you, vitalizing your creations into form. In deep concentration your mind becomes attuned withrepparttar 149988 infinite, and registersrepparttar 149989 cosmic intelligence and receives its messages. You become so full ofrepparttar 149990 cosmic energy that you are literally flooded with divine power.

Once you achieve this desired state, you will realizerepparttar 149991 advantages of being connected withrepparttar 149992 supra-consciousness. When you become connected to your supra-consciousness, you becomerepparttar 149993 controller of your human thoughts. That which comes to you is higher than human thoughts and is often spoken of as Cosmic Consciousness. Once experienced, it is never forgotten.

The benefits of learning how to concentrate cross allrepparttar 149994 boundaries between our physical, mental and spiritual selves. Naturally, it requires training to reach this state, but once you do, it becomes easier each time. By learning how to concentrate consciously, you are able to directrepparttar 149995 expression of almost infinite power while in this deeper state of concentration, and use it to create exactly what you want in life.

Ruth Ritchie-Farmer is the author of How To Concentrate: 18 Easy Ways to Achieve Laser Beam Focus in Anything You Do. Read the first two chapters free at

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