The Power of Normalizing

Written by Anne Alexander

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So Lunke did not say to herself on every shot that she had to do great since so much was riding on this, donít screw it up, etc. She reported, ďI kept tricking my mind saying you're just playing golf, you're just playing golf, another day of golf,repparttar way you always do it.Ē Withrepparttar 144826 power of normalizing, Lunke catapulted herself intorepparttar 144827 top ranks of women golfers and changed her life forever.

Donít make your next challenge bigger than it is. Youíve done all kinds of things in your life: normalize it. Keep going, play by play. And someday youíll win your US Open.

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Your First Step To Success In Every Area of Life!

Written by Jason Oman -

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If you DECIDE to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day, then get lung cancer, it's your fault.

If you DECIDE to spend no time building a loving relationship with your spouse and your spouse divorces you, it's your fault.

If your life isn't working out well and you DECIDE to do nothing about it, it's your fault.

If you DECIDE never to help anyone else in life and wind up lonely, it's your fault.

If you DECIDE on goals that are completely self-serving and you have a hard time getting others to support you, it's your fault.

If you DECIDE never to pray and find that God works no miracles in your life, it's your fault.


So, what isrepparttar first step to success in any area of your life?

The first step is to take 'personal responsibility' for where you are, for what you have, and for what you create.

The only one who is responsible forrepparttar 144793 way your life works out is you. You can't 'change'repparttar 144794 past, but you can take responsibility for controlling your future. All it takes is to DECIDE.

DECIDE now to take personal responsibility for turning your future intorepparttar 144795 future you want it to be.

Thanks for reading,

Jason Oman

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