The Power of Effective Follow-Up

Written by Ryan Stewart

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* Providing additional product information * Sending a news article on a topic related to your conversation * Birthday or work anniversary cards * Telephone call announcing new product launches

If you are dedicated to creating a full sales funnel, you need to use all your available tools to cultivate your prospects and turn them into sales. Remember that even if you are closing a lot of sales, it is essential that you continue to build your client list. Following up with your prospects will help you determine which ones are hot leads and which require periodic contact only. The whole premise is to build rapport with as many prospects as possible and get them to call you!

Please note that this article speaks in terms of making a sale and remember that your job search is exactly that. You are selling a product (yourself) to customers (networking contacts) on a daily basis. Spend some time thinking about howrepparttar tips from this article can improve your networking skills. If you network correctly, you should never have to walk away fromrepparttar 146267 contact again thinking, "When should I call him/her next?".

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When The Job Kills

Written by Laurie Sheppard

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What would you be giving up? Your current gripes may have caused you to lose touch with what benefitsrepparttar job held inrepparttar 146266 first place. Use a list of positives and negatives to measure what you’d be giving up. Then, weigh those positives againstrepparttar 146267 risk of losing them or not replacing them with others benefits.

Will you jog or sprint torepparttar 146268 exit? Assess your pain quotient. No one else can do that for you. If you haverepparttar 146269 resources and can cope withrepparttar 146270 lack of security, then leave and devote yourself to downtime and introspection, to prepare for what’s next. However, if you have a low stress threshold and can’t tolerate uncertainty, then line up where you’re going before leaving. You’ll need patience to deal with eitherrepparttar 146271 void or things remainingrepparttar 146272 same. Audiobook: “The 3 C’s for Effective Living – Change, Creativity, Communication” FREE “Change-makers’ Career Tips” ofrepparttar 146273 month Orders/Info: 310.645.2874 Coaching that assists you to your Next Big Thing!

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