The Power of Co-Ventures & Networking

Written by George Papazoglou

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If you're interested in increasing your subscriber base, reach a broader audience and engorge your bank account, I'll instantly join under your most profitable program and endorse it to my list. Of course, you getrepparttar credit for your articles,repparttar 102443 exposure and me on your downline (plus numerous of my subscribers!).

Please send me an e@mail ASAP for further details.


David Stocker

P.S. I didn't tell you what I ask in return yet. Please contact me now because I aspire in a long-term and very lucrative partnership."

What did you notice in this networking proposal? The entire letter is brief, to-the-point and focuses solely onrepparttar 102444 impending benefits that your future partner harnesses - it's not another self-centered letter that typically gets ignored.

You'd also notice that "David Stocker" doesn't ask something in advance - you need to stimulate a response at first and then move on torepparttar 102445 second part of your proposal...

After you receive a response fromrepparttar 102446 prospective partner, you'll haverepparttar 102447 benefit of "weighing" his personality and customize your communicative bridge according to his character.

What you could ask in return is:

* Get your Partner to dorepparttar 102448 exact same thing as you'll do: Both promote each other's marketing programs to their lists and web sites by "exchanging downlines".

Some Critical Rules for a "Healthy Partnership":

Never Undermine Your Partners; value your partnership religiously. Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan before requesting a Joint Venture and be specific with your proposal.

For example, when I am about to join a promising marketing program, I wouldn't sign-up before I found a powerful upline sponsor... so I could applyrepparttar 102449 strategy elucidated above. It's like creating your own snowballing - spillover effect, by using your existing assets; an existent subscriber list, your partner's list, your traffic and your partner's traffic.

Repeat and recycle this strategy with open-mind partners and watch your downlines and profits double - without increasing your list, or spending advertising funds!

George Papazoglou is the author behind Secrets of the Mega Associates and creator of the web site.

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How to Hide Affiliate Links

Written by Akinori Furukoshi

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You will also noticerepparttar URL look like this, "ht..." (If you see "ht..." please read HTML version of this issue at ) These are numeric ampersand entities. Another way to display characters in Web browsers. For example, "a" (If you see "a" please read HTML version of this issue) is displayed as "a." To convert your URL, replace each character of your affiliate link withrepparttar 102442 corresponding entity. (I postrepparttar 102443 list ofrepparttar 102444 entities at To check if you have convertedrepparttar 102445 URL correctly, open "test.html" with Notepad and replace "URL_Here" with your numeric ampersanded URL and save. Then, openrepparttar 102446 file with your Web browser. You will seerepparttar 102447 URL in normal characters. Past that converted URL in "example.html," instead ofrepparttar 102448 normal URL.

That's it. You've just hidden your affiliate link as secure as Affiliate Link Cloaker does.


You can downloadrepparttar 102449 e-book, "How to Hide Your Affiliate Links" for free. You will find more detailed instructions and a few more extra tricks. Please go to

You can getrepparttar 102450 book for yourself, or you can give it to your affiliates.

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