The Power of Beliefs

Written by Kathleen Gage

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We discovered her goal was to be able to stand, by herself, in front of forty-five people and tell us about herself. With Bonnie as her interpreter, Chris conveyed this desire to a room full of business professionals.

Torepparttar amazement of everyone inrepparttar 138659 class, onrepparttar 138660 twelfth week, Chris stood in front ofrepparttar 138661 room and shared with us, in her own words, what her life had been like for her. It was one ofrepparttar 138662 most beautiful and enlightening experiences I have ever witnessed. Here was a woman who had, in many ways, been thrown away. And yet, she had a determination, commitment and belief that she could accomplish more in her life and she did. She also hadrepparttar 138663 love and support of forty five friends, who weeks before had been strangers complete strangers.

What we all witnessed through Chrisí courage, is that life is created moment by moment based on our beliefs. Beliefs that can empower beyond our wildest dreams.

Our beliefs are developed on both a conscious and subconscious level. As our beliefs change our experiences change. And as our experiences change, so do our beliefs.

Beliefs are relevant to both our personal and professional direction. What arerepparttar 138664 beliefs that will carry you to places you have yet to explore?

Kathleen Gage is a keynote speaker and business advisor based out of Draper, Utah. She is the author of several books including Message of Hope, Inspiring Thoughts for Uncertain Times. To sign up for Kathleenís free weekly inspirational thoughts visit

"Your assigned character in life"

Written by krishnan.c

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Then what we have to do to have a good health atrepparttar same time without letting our money earning capability also?It is very easy.

Good health can be achieved only if we have a calm state of mind.

Good health and calm state of mind are closely interlinked.

How good health is interlinked with calm state of mind?

If there is no peace or calm state of mind then there will be storm like feelings in our heart.Psychologists are calling these feelings as stress.

The basic reason for this stress is due torepparttar 138658 accumulation of thoughts and feelings in our heart caused out of our routine life.

These stresses makes us like a patient and some times later it will really makes us a patient.

If we don't have any stress in our mind we will have a good health and thereby we can really enjoyrepparttar 138659 happiness coming out of our earnings,otherwise we have to spend all our earnings torepparttar 138660 physician.

Not only that we have to waste your time also for waiting atrepparttar 138661 clinic.Waiting is something horrible than spending money.

If we keep our mind intact then every thing will be in order.When our mind is intact we can earn more wisely atrepparttar 138662 same time giving sufficient rest and strength torepparttar 138663 body.

Whenrepparttar 138664 body have sufficient rest and strength there is no place for tension,dejection and depression.We can also approach any problem inrepparttar 138665 real sense and find out solution quickly and effectively,find a satisfactory relationship with our family also.

When all these things are coming together real enjoyment of life can be possible whatever may berepparttar 138666 profession orrepparttar 138667 strain.

So this calm state of mind isrepparttar 138668 origin for all of our happiness.Whether it is possible to have this calm state of mind?

Yes it is possible.

Through a mind relaxing technique anybody can get this calm state of mind.

This mind relaxing technique is notrepparttar 138669 technique which has been invented by great scientists of recent century.

It has been in existence for thousands and thousands of years in this universe which has been followed by our ancestors.

The mind relaxing technique is nothing but refiningrepparttar 138670 mind.

The feelings inrepparttar 138671 form stress are recorded deeply into our heart and will run like a motion picture when we close our eyes.Sleeping is not possible with all these garbage inrepparttar 138672 heart inrepparttar 138673 form of feelings otherwise called stress.

Stresses arerepparttar 138674 origin for all diseases.

To get rid ofrepparttar 138675 ill effects ofrepparttar 138676 stress we should practice this mind relaxing technique in our daily life as a part of our routine.

What is a mind relaxing technique and how it should be practiced.?

If you are interested to learn this mind relaxing technique email to me,I shall explain in detail about this technique.

krishnan.c author

Krishnan.c,after serving 27 years of Govt.service,writting articles on motivation. His recent contributions are, "Invite failures" "When Philip can do,Why can't me".

His running an emagazine at

He has released his ebook "You can succeed",recently.

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