The Power Of The "Niche" - Choosing Keywords People Actually Use

Written by Jill St Claire, President - JSC Marketing, LLC

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Rule #6 Don't forget Geographics. If your products and services are local or regional, be sure to include your state or city within your search phrases. For example, an investigations company that conducts most of its business inrepparttar Midwest would want to choose "Indiana and private investigator."

Rule #7 Take a look at your competition. Based on your top three competitors, look at their website for specific search terms being used. Also, look at their META keywords to get a good idea of what search terms they think are important. Remember you want to look at competitors for your different markets served and products and service lines.

Rule #8 Analyze your website traffic. Make sure your web hosting company provides you withrepparttar 127823 ability to analyze your website log files. Some hosting companies have you log into your account to view monthly web traffic reports, while others email monthly reports. Information obtained can tell yourepparttar 127824 top search terms and search engines used to find your website and other valuable information. To getrepparttar 127825 most out of your log file data, it is recommended to use a log file analyzer such as Web Trends or Urchin.

By applying these simple rules, you will be well on your way to generating highly-targeted keywords and phrases that attractrepparttar 127826 right prospects - prospects who have direct interest in what you have to offer.

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How to get your site a top ranking in Google

Written by Paul Bliss

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Now, once you have compiled your list of keywords, you need to see which one are searched onrepparttar most. The best tool for this is WordTracker, and it is worthrepparttar 127822 tiny fee you need to pay to have access for one day. There are also free tools online that you can use, but WordTracker will give yourepparttar 127823 most accurate results.

Once you have run through your list of all your keywords,repparttar 127824 obvious choice is to pickrepparttar 127825 ones withrepparttar 127826 highest amount of searches (and content relevant to your site!). The next step is to then beginrepparttar 127827 process of a link campaign. Now, I can already hear you complaining about doing a link exchange. This is only 1/3 of your campaign. The ideal method is to not only engage in a reciprocal link exchange, but to also engage in strategic linking.

Strategic linking is when you get a link to your site without having to returnrepparttar 127828 favor. What'srepparttar 127829 best way to do this? Write an article just like this one. If I get one website to use this article and have it point to my site, I've just created another link to my site. Pretty easy, eh?

Since you have now engaged in a linking campaign, you should expect to see results in Google in as little as 4 days, and as far as 6 months. All of this is determined by where your links are coming from, andrepparttar 127830 popularity ofrepparttar 127831 site from whichrepparttar 127832 link came. Next, you need to get as many links as you can pointing to your site with your popular keyword phrase anchor linked to your site.

As I mentioned before, there many other factors that wll only enhance your rankings in Google, butrepparttar 127833 omplementation of a link campaign isrepparttar 127834 strongest method to get your site to a top ranking!

-To your online success!

Paul Bliss

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