The Power Of Personal Environments

Written by Helaine Iris

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Environments are not onlyrepparttar physical space in which we live; it is also our belief systems, our spirituality, our physical being (our bodies).

How are your environments? Is your home cluttered? Is your blood pressure high? Are your finances in an upheaval?

Whether you care to admit it or not, your inner life is reflected in your outer life. Clutter in your home or office space is a sign that your inner life is cluttered as well. If your material possessions are in chaos, you are living in lack and not taking care of yourself. If you surround yourself with negative people, should you be surprised when you feel negative too?

Here’s a brief assessment to rate your level of satisfaction in each environment. The list representsrepparttar 140931 primary environments that impact you on a day-to day basis:

On a scale of 1-10 (1-low, 10-high) how inspiring or satisfying are each of your nine environments currently:




Belief Systems_____






How did you do? I invite you to start by choosing one of your environments, preferably one you scored lower in, and begin to improve it. Make sure to pick an area you can imagine being successful with. Start by identifyingrepparttar 140932 benefits you will gain withrepparttar 140933 improvement. For example: if I improve my financesrepparttar 140934 benefit will be less stress and a more secure future.

Begin to create those sustainable and failsafe structures for your life and business. Give yourselfrepparttar 140935 gift of possibilities. Start today.

It’s YOUR life…live it completely!

Helaine is a professional coach. She helps entrepreneurs and professional women accelerate their professional success, while achieving a more complete and fulfilling personal life. For a free consultation, call 603-357-8546. Visit her website,, or email

Why Read Inspirational Quotes?

Written by Steve Gillman

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Imagine a choice: do what you love and possibly fail, or wait a few more years. Now, outside of mathematics, virtually all reasoning is tainted with rationalization, so you can support whatever you decide with "logical arguments," right? No wonder we're often confused and demotivated! How can we trust our own reasoning, if it just finds a logical construct for whichever fear or other feeling is strongest!

Then you read an inspirational quote:

"You miss 100 percent ofrepparttar shots you never take." - Wayne Gretzky

Can you see how this hockey metaphor might touch you precisely because it isn't a logical argument? It just points at a truth you can see for yourself: You can't get what you want without "taking that shot." Seeingrepparttar 140900 truth is far more motivating than arguing it. That'srepparttar 140901 value of reading inspirational quotes.

Steve Gillman writes on many self help topics including boosting brainpower, losing weight, meditation, habits of mind, creative problem solving, learning gratitude, generating luck and anything related to self improvement. You'll find more at http://www.Self Improvement

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