The Power Of ONE...A Marketer's Dream

Written by Lois R. Thompson

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The people you recruit could also become extremely rich, which is A Win - Win Situation. To see how this simple method works and to learn The Power Of One, *** Pay Very Close Attention!

*** When YOU Start You Are ONE.

Lets see what would happen if you recruited just 1 person each month for 12 consecutive months, sharing this idea of Recruiting One new person per month for 12 months with them.

Now lets break that down over 12 months with each person Duplicating them-self by just ONE per month:

Month one = You + your 1 = 2 Month two = You 1 + their 1 = 2 Month three = Those 2 + their 2 = 4 Month four = those 4 + their 4 = 8 Month five = those 8 + their 8 = 16 Month six = those 16 + their 16 = 32 Month seven = those 32 + their 32 = 64 Month eight = those 64 + their 64 = 128 Month nine = those 128 + their 128 = 256 Month ten = those 256 + their 256 = 512 Month eleven = those 512 + their 512 = 1,024 Month twelve = those 1,024 + their 1,024 = 2,048 __________

For A Total Of: 4,096

Atrepparttar end of 12 months you and those you recruited, who have Duplicated you, will give you 4,096 recruits to your organization.

Through this simple principle, you would have Duplicated your business 4,096 times. Just think, what would your business be like if you duplicated one person a day or week, rather than our example of a month. With Duplication, you become your best Testimony in selling your products/services to others.

Based onrepparttar 122587 Principle of DUPLICATION where would your business be one year from today, If You recruited 10 people per month, and shared with themrepparttar 122588 concept of doingrepparttar 122589 very same for 12 months.

Get your calculator out and dorepparttar 122590 math. What would your income be in lets say a year, with your particular opportunity. Just think, you can do this year after year after year!

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Putting Your Game Plan Together

Written by Lois R. Thompson

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We will call five yearsrepparttar span of your long-term plan. So working backward from there you should haverepparttar 122586 following increments:

Your Five-Year Plan

Your Three-Year Plan

Your One-Year Commitment

Your Next 90 Days

Your Weekly Plan

Your Daily Plan

Your Five-Year Plan:

Most of us cannot wait. Five years may seem like a very long time, but if you think about it, what were you doingrepparttar 122587 last five years? Does it seem that they have just whizzed by? Doesn't seem that long, does it?

Your Five-Year plan should be a clearly defined vision of where you want your life to be in five years. What is it that you want to accomplish in this period of time? By diligently working your plan you can expect to arrive at that destination on schedule or early.

Five years is a good time frame for achieving one's long term goals. Some of you will do it much faster and some will do it slower, while some will not do it at all. You are going to accomplish this goal one step at a time. Your accomplishment of your goals – short-term or long-term – will depend on your personal level of commitment.

Your One-Year Plan:

Since achieving your 5-year goal is dependent upon achieving your 1-year goal, realistically you are going to have to commit to you success for one year first.

Think of this for a moment: Can you imagine Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo, starting Yahoo and saying, “I am going to give this 30 days”? Absolutely not! Yet, many take that non-committal attitude toward their goals and financial future. If you are going to achieve your life's goals and financial freedom marketing onrepparttar 122588 Internet, you are going to need to commit to working your plan for at least one year.

Whatever you long-term goal is (i.e. Real Estate Developer) you will need to investrepparttar 122589 first year to get your education and expertise in that area and to get your business offrepparttar 122590 ground.

Here is an example of what you can expect in one year:

* You will make money * You will make mistakes * You will grow and gain wisdom * You will develop knowledge and skill * You will develop new relationships * You will become experienced * You will be doing all that it takes to fulfill your plan

Your Daily Plan:

Here you need to list everything that should be done daily to further your progress. Once you have your list you can prioritizerepparttar 122591 items on your list based onrepparttar 122592 following:

Priority #1: The “I Must Do Activity”

Ask yourself: How critical is accomplishing this task to meeting my One-Year goal? Ifrepparttar 122593 task is critical then put a number 1 inrepparttar 122594 margin beside it.

Priority #2: The “I Should Do Activity”

Ask yourself: Is this something I should do that is beneficial to me in achieving my One-year goal? Ifrepparttar 122595 task falls under this category go ahead and place a number 2 inrepparttar 122596 margin beside it.

Priority #3: The “I Like Doing Activity”

Ask yourself (be honest here): How relevant is accomplishing this to my achieving my goal? Have I accomplishedrepparttar 122597 things that I MUST and SHOULD so that I am now able to dorepparttar 122598 things that I like? Place a number 3 inrepparttar 122599 margin next to these items.

You will need to cut time from doingrepparttar 122600 things that you like to do in order to dorepparttar 122601 things that you MUST do. You will need to do whatever it takes to get Priorities #1 and #2 accomplished first.

You will have a list of allrepparttar 122602 things that need to be done on a given day – fully prioritized. The accomplishment of this daily list will berepparttar 122603 foundation of your success.

The kids are screaming, you've already worked 8 hours plus 2 hours of overtime with an hour commute. How do you findrepparttar 122604 time, you ask? Make It! It's called sacrifice. Commitment. It is prioritizing!

Somehow, we always findrepparttar 122605 time to dorepparttar 122606 things that are REALLY, REALLY important to us. If we want something enough, we will createrepparttar 122607 time if we have to.

Now tell me, would such a sacrifice be worth it, in order to enjoy Freedom of time, lifestyle and finances in as little 1-3 years? You bet!

Try it! You just may be surprised.

Lois has been blessed with earning a full time income working from home part-time, through combining MLM and Affiliate Marketing. You CAN TOO! Subscribe to Building Wealth News Ezine and Discover HOW to "Bridge The Gap Between MLM And Affiliate Marketing" To subscribe today visit:

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