The Power Of Dogs

Written by Eva Sanchez

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I started thinking about opening up my own website and started out withrepparttar free 2 page ones and I did get a purchase or two from my eBay customers but at that time I was also selling my shirts for a frugal $6. I did get tired of only having 2 pages for my clothes, I wanted to be more professional, since I was making extra money from eBay so I invested it into a real website, It did take a lot of work to build and even now Iím still spending many hours a week on my current site but itís worth it.

I finally had my first real website and shortly realized that traffic doesnít come automatically so here I go again, doing hours of research on website promotion till I found and hired a company to submit my site to a certain number of search engines for about $40 a month, I thought thatís all I would need but I was so wrong. I finally found Overture, signed up and before I new it, I was doublingrepparttar 143317 income that I was making on eBay WITHOUT THE FEES, I canceledrepparttar 143318 monthly submissions. In 2004 I learned of Adwords, signed up and started to triple and sometimes quadruple my income in a day and havenít sold on eBay since.

I owe it all to Stitch without him, none of this would have ever materialized, he played so many vital roles in this business and ultimately changed my life, without Stitch there would be no Princess Petwear.

Stitch passed away on 12-23-04 at 3 years old and I have yet to stop crying over his memories.

Its 2005 now andrepparttar 143319 dog clothes selection on eBay is now up to 50 pages long, I now work for my business 40 a week and consider myself a work-at-home-mom with 4 kids, ages 13, 11, 7, 2. I still miss my Stitch, I always catch myself daydreaming of him remembering how soft his fur was and how I loved to rub my check against his face, I also find myself reminiscing on how would baby talk him and shower him with kisses and hugs, then I wiperepparttar 143320 tears from my face and get back to work.

Eva Sanchez founder of, online seller of small dog clothes for boy and girl dogs, which includes, pet sweaters, formal dresses, doggie swimsuits and more. Let your dog feel special every day in our affordable casual collection.

Training Your Dog To Stay

Written by Lee Dobbins

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3. Give praise no matter how long he actually ďstayedĒ. Of course, at firstrepparttar dog wonít really stay at all, but you must giverepparttar 143130 praise anyway.

4. Release him by calling him to you and reward him with praise and a treat.

5. Praiserepparttar 143131 dog no matter how long he stays in position. At first he will only stay for a short time, but as he catches on you can lengthen that time period and eventually even leaverepparttar 143132 room and expect to find him as you left him.

6. Repeatrepparttar 143133 steps 5 times. No more than 5 times or it wonít be fun! You can try again later inrepparttar 143134 day.

Training your dog is important so that you can take him out without him acting unruly, but you get much more from training a dog then you might expect. Your dog loves to hang out with you. He learns to listen to his name. He gets used to doing things with you, but on your plan. Training helps your dog feel more secure as it strengthens your position as leader. Spending a couple of minutes each day training your dog will help build a strong relationship.

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