The Power Behind Words...

Written by George Papazoglou

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Here's a priceless "trick" you can put into action, to be more influential... more powerful:

Start "recording"repparttar behavior and "interactions" among people...

Each time you witness people to come into any kind of agreement, make notes on "what words" didrepparttar 126028 "submitter" use, to swayrepparttar 126029 "receiver" to play his game?

Repeat this process until you've gathered enough "data" and then practice with it. Your goal is to become a highly influential "Submitter". What would happen if you prolifically used this priceless information to your advantage? 

How much could you improve and develop yourself as a potentially leading entity, withrepparttar 126030 unparalleled Power of Words?

You can be a fine Master of Words, a Powerful Submitter, an Explosive Personality through practice, persistence, innovation and a highly motivational idiosyncrasy. 

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Written by John W. Sammon

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I'd like to thank Colin Powell, who subvertedrepparttar good inside himself after getting on Bush's bad side trying to counsel moderation and collective security, for giving up, becoming a stooge mouthpiece of Bush----to preserve his job. I'd like to thankrepparttar 126027 extreme right wing for their "my-country-right-or-wrong" mentality, for denying othersrepparttar 126028 right to disagree (without being labeled subversive or a supporter of Saddam), for equating war in muchrepparttar 126029 same manner as a tailgate party at a football game. I'd like to thank allrepparttar 126030 excuse makers, who came up with a continuing array of whoppers asrepparttar 126031 evidence mounted on weapons, from "we'll find them," to "they'll turn up," to "we'll show weapons' systems," to "the weapons were shipped to Syria just beforerepparttar 126032 war started," to whatever next week's is. I'd like to thank those clueless Americans who watch reality TV, but still think Iraq used weapons of mass destruction inrepparttar 126033 war, and that such weapons have already been found, and who continue to believerepparttar 126034 government's lie that Baghdad was behindrepparttar 126035 9-11 attacks in New York. I'd like to thank those people who believerepparttar 126036 United States isrepparttar 126037 only country inrepparttar 126038 world that matters, and thatrepparttar 126039 French are hateful because they disagreed (ironicallyrepparttar 126040 Germans, also againstrepparttar 126041 war, escaped such criticism. Nobody has recommended we rename German measles as we did with French fries). I'd especially like to thank allrepparttar 126042 Americans who simply waved aside any nagging questions or doubt, and said, "I don't care." You're what this war andrepparttar 126043 corporate rape of America is all about.

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