The Power Behind 'Mini-Prayers'

Written by Alan Tutt

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Here are a few general-purpose affirmations that may be used to improve your life in all areas. One ofrepparttar most famous affirmations was developed by a French scientist byrepparttar 122193 name of Emile Coué, which is "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better." Here are a few others.

"I am One withrepparttar 122194 Universal Mind Power, and so being, I am One with Universal Success. All ideas for my personal success come to me fromrepparttar 122195 Universal Mind in a way that is certain for me to see. I am constantly guided to dorepparttar 122196 right thing, sayrepparttar 122197 right thing, and be atrepparttar 122198 right place atrepparttar 122199 right time."

"I am Powerful. There is Power in everything I do."

"Wealth comes to those who serve others."

"I am more valuable than I think I am."

"When I'm excited about what I do, others will get excited too."

"The only failure in life isrepparttar 122200 failure to try."

"I am divinely blessed, and my blessings grow every day."

"As I breathe in, I bring myself closer to God and His absolute Power. As I relax intorepparttar 122201 Power of God, I am connected intorepparttar 122202 matrix of creation. I can now setrepparttar 122203 course of events in my life. The results of my creation bring me much happiness."


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The True Importance Of Gift Giving

Written by Alan Tutt

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"It'srepparttar thought that counts."

When a gift is given withrepparttar 122192 proper attitude, there is a scientific cause and effect type of response fromrepparttar 122193 Universe. Just as a rubber ball thrown against a brick wall will bounce back, a gift given withrepparttar 122194 proper attitude will causerepparttar 122195 Universe to giverepparttar 122196 giver something of value.

I really like how Wayne Dyer explains this. In one of his presentations, he explains thatrepparttar 122197 Universe is like an echo. Whenever we ask "What can I get?",repparttar 122198 Universe asks usrepparttar 122199 same question. And whenever we ask "What can I do or give?", we experiencerepparttar 122200 Universe asking us this same question.

We can also see this as a mirror. Imagine that you're standing in front of a large (Universally-sized) mirror. What you see is a reflection of who you are. If you giverepparttar 122201 mirror your best, you will findrepparttar 122202 mirror reflectingrepparttar 122203 same attitude back to you, giving you it's best. But if you try to hold back fromrepparttar 122204 mirror, you will findrepparttar 122205 mirror holding back from you.

And so, we find that in giving good gifts to those in our lives, we allowrepparttar 122206 Universe to give us good gifts also, and this naturally increases our experience of prosperity in our lives.

And while it may be difficult to believe at first, understanding this magical fact will open you torepparttar 122207 realization that it'srepparttar 122208 truly generous people in this world that experiencerepparttar 122209 greatest prosperity.

Be generous in your spirit, and become prosperous in your life.

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