The Plight of Industrialized Man

Written by Edward Orem

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Why haverepparttar bulk ofrepparttar 138846 great men retreated to natural environment and even harsh circumstance, with onlyrepparttar 138847 basics of survival to sustain them, while they cultivated excellence? The answer to this question brings us torepparttar 138848 integration ofrepparttar 138849 First Principle withrepparttar 138850 Second: "Nature showsrepparttar 138851 Way." Correct me if I am misguided, but I can't seem to recall advice from any culture in synch with its environment that directs us to "come downtown" for wisdom and health.

When a human extricates himself fromrepparttar 138852 rhythms ofrepparttar 138853 Earth he becomes a foreigner in his own house. The strident make-up ofrepparttar 138854 modern life-style has left most of us withoutrepparttar 138855 means of carrying forwardrepparttar 138856 natural abilities and skills we inherited as a creature of natural rhythms.

The Zen Tao Ch'uan Fa group recently met with me for a training session that lasted 3 hours. That wasn't too radical in itself (we've met over 2 days before, isolated inrepparttar 138857 woods), but toss inrepparttar 138858 heavy snowstorm that swirled around us, and you getrepparttar 138859 idea. Actually, maybe you don't: we've found that it's difficult to impart to observersrepparttar 138860 changes in self-regard,repparttar 138861 increase in focus and intent, and more importantly,repparttar 138862 appreciation of just being outside.

Edward Orem has 40 years experience in integral mind-body training systems, and holds the following titles: Certified Instructor, Guang Ping Yang T'ai-Chi Assn; 6th Degree Black Sash in Chinese Boxing; 8th Degree Black Belt in Zen Kempo-jitsu, as well as a PhD in Holistic Health. Dr. Orem is the author of several manuals, and has produced 50 training videos. In 1990 Sifu Orem founded Chuan Fa Kempo International,

Listen - The Crack Of The Bat

Written by Aron Wallad

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As I continued to watch my daughter, Manteee, and this other girl hit better and better I could not help but feel an enormous amount pleasure. They were transforming in front of me. Whatever those coaches told them and whatever those two girls absorbed from their coaches was generating solid hit after solid hit.

I could not believe how happy I was for my daughter andrepparttar girl I did not know. There is something wonderful about learning and that willingness to be taught. Even though I only watched them I felt as if I was part of what was evolving in front of me.

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