The Plan for Iraq

Written by Ed Howes

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The minute we have worked out a plan for an orderly withdrawal in cooperation withrepparttar other U.N. Security Council members andrepparttar 126011 transfer of security and redevelopment authority torepparttar 126012 U.N.;repparttar 126013 pressure will be off allrepparttar 126014 anti American forces now in Iraq, to driverepparttar 126015 U.S. out. It will save American and Iraqi lives.

This action would also takerepparttar 126016 pressure offrepparttar 126017 national credit card. In fact,repparttar 126018 available credit could be invested in Afghanistan to finishrepparttar 126019 workrepparttar 126020 U.S. Government started there. The U.N. could hardly come torepparttar 126021 U.S. with hat in hand for Iraq, sincerepparttar 126022 U.S. will always berepparttar 126023 most heavily invested Council member forrepparttar 126024 foreseeable future.

President Bush will always be able to take credit for doingrepparttar 126025 right thing, even more than today. He took charge whenrepparttar 126026 U.N. refused to do any more than pass new resolutions. Whenrepparttar 126027 U.N. decided it was safer to act, he surrendered all authority and future obligation to them. New Age wisdom teaches us to pursue our dreams with no attachment torepparttar 126028 outcome. Ifrepparttar 126029 President can learn this wisdom in less than a year, his re election should be a shoe in. If he cannot give uprepparttar 126030 attachment to his Iraqi dream, he does not have a chance of reelection. America can senserepparttar 126031 truth of this right now. That sense will only become stronger overrepparttar 126032 coming year.

Here isrepparttar 126033 best growth opportunity in U.N. history. Letrepparttar 126034 world see howrepparttar 126035 United Nations restores sovereignty torepparttar 126036 Iraqi people. Letrepparttar 126037 world see how it is done.

The President is a gambler. He is not very good at it. You bet and win. You bet again and see you are losing. You leaverepparttar 126038 table and cut your losses. Play again when your luck holds. The President has no intention to cut losses. He wants to play until he has lostrepparttar 126039 bankroll. He needs Congress to pull him away fromrepparttar 126040 table. Congress wants to let him play on.

Ifrepparttar 126041 President would act onrepparttar 126042 good advice of a political opponent, before Congress forced him to act, he would be a very popular man withrepparttar 126043 American people. He would have to renegotiaterepparttar 126044 promises made to friends but that is as much modern politics as cheatingrepparttar 126045 people and paying lip service.

Personally, I do not believe President Bush will give uprepparttar 126046 attachment to his Iraqi dream, no matter whatrepparttar 126047 cost to himself andrepparttar 126048 country. Nor do I see an incompetent Congress imposingrepparttar 126049 will ofrepparttar 126050 people on him. But we need Dennis to submit bill post haste, so we can identifyrepparttar 126051 incompetent members of Congress, who apparently have no ideas of their own, and only get inrepparttar 126052 way.

Until such time as there is a better plan than candidate Kucinich has proposed, we ought to let him know we want a bill in Congress now. If he follows through and is opposed byrepparttar 126053 Congress orrepparttar 126054 White House, he should be our next President. He is clearly not attached to outcomes.

A freelance writer published on many websites and in newspapers.

A Chat with Osama

Written by Ed Howes

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Ed: I can see that. Tell me more.

Osama: Saddam loyalists all ran away to fight again another day, and they have a score to settle with America. There are a few million of them, they know Saddam yet lives and he also has some scores to settle. They no longer have a state to fight for but they still have a hated enemy to defeat. A conventional army would be useless, so they are organizing in Iraqi cells. When their fight is over in Iraq next year, they are willing to go whereverrepparttar enemy is, to continuerepparttar 126010 fight. We have people there, training and helping them, bringing them along on small operations. We have been holding them back some, but not for much longer.

Ed: Why do you think they will have won sometime next year?

Osama: American political winds. They began stirring withrepparttar 126011 last funding request. Iraqi resistance will ratchet up. American security efforts will be increasingly undermined andrepparttar 126012 rank and file Iraqis will turn on them too. Non Iraqi civilian contractors will die and retreat. American military casualties will double, and then triple, untilrepparttar 126013 American people refuse to support their leadership in a losing proposition. If I am wrong in my understanding, we will attack America at home again, and that will berepparttar 126014 straw that breaksrepparttar 126015 will ofrepparttar 126016 people to sacrifice further for leadership goals. The American people will find new leaders who will talk to us as we are talking now. It is an election year, no?

Ed: Why are you so focused on terrorist tactics? Isn't there another way?

Osama: Of course there is! Dialogue. Which has been rejected by America sincerepparttar 126017 beginning. With no dialogue, terrorism isrepparttar 126018 most effective way forrepparttar 126019 poor to fightrepparttar 126020 rich. We just as soon kill or cripple a soldier or a pilot before he is trained, whether he is four years old or twenty. We know we are in a war that lasts for generations. Why shouldn't we reducerepparttar 126021 forces that will be fighting our children?

It is notrepparttar 126022 moral question America pretends it to be. A suicide bomber is just a military pilot without a plane. Rich countries put their terrorists inrepparttar 126023 latest multi- million dollar aircraft and terrorizerepparttar 126024 people onrepparttar 126025 ground anonymously, and fly mission after mission of terror. Martyrs use one bomb and look their victims inrepparttar 126026 eyes. They do not return to attack again a few hours later. They rest. They are more honorable thanrepparttar 126027 sky terrorists.

Ed: I never thought of it that way.

Osama: Why would you? You have been taught all your life thatrepparttar 126028 way ofrepparttar 126029 rich is moral andrepparttar 126030 ways ofrepparttar 126031 poor are immoral. In fact, you are secretly taught that all opposition torepparttar 126032 rich is immoral or illegal, sorepparttar 126033 thought of resisting never crosses your minds.

In rich countries you are taught to live, fight and die for well concealed lies, inrepparttar 126034 name of patriotism and freedom. You wised up some during Vietnam and forgot most of your lessons when it was over. You have an expression that says; those who do not learn from their mistakes are destined to repeat them. Forgetting your lessons has become a cultural identifier inrepparttar 126035 West. We haven't forgotten ours and we don't repeat them. This gives us a tremendous advantage in fightingrepparttar 126036 rich. We can operate on shoestring budgets and prefer it. We are your proof that money isnít everything and you will ignore that proof, as you have been taught to do.

Ed: That is not necessarily true. Americans began to question authority back inrepparttar 126037 sixties. Some never stopped doing so and it is becoming fashionable among their children and grandchildren. This time there is no generation gap to takerepparttar 126038 edge offrepparttar 126039 truth. Whatever becomes ofrepparttar 126040 old America, a new America is giving birth torepparttar 126041 global consciousness that has been so lacking.

Osama: I will pray for this - that there will be no fighting among our grandchildren. I have enjoyed talking with a reasonable American. It is something I would like to do again, if you don't mind. I suspect you know enough to stay clear of our likely targets, so you can answer your phone.

Ed: Oh yes, I know where not to be forrepparttar 126042 foreseeable future and I am warning others, especially those in target zones.

Osama: Keep at it. It will save a few lives and you will be blessed. I'll call again whenrepparttar 126043 desire strikes me. Should anything happen to me, a friend will call you.

Ed: I understand. If anything should happen to me, you will be talking to someone else. Thanks for calling. I look forward to next time.

A freelance writer published on many websites and in newspapers.

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