The Perfect Network Marketing System!

Written by Daegan Smith

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•Follow up Email System:

Attached torepparttar Free Report there must also be a follow up system that continually markets through emailrepparttar 122475 program torepparttar 122476 lead. Most leads don’t act immediately and must be marketed to at least 7 times before they take action. The email follow up system must have strongly worded sales copy and must have a system for getting through spam filters.

•A Continual Feed Back System that usesrepparttar 122477 Fear of Loss:

Alongrepparttar 122478 with email follow up system there must be a feedback system that will alertrepparttar 122479 prospect by email when new prospects opt intorepparttar 122480 system and invokerepparttar 122481 fear of loss during this process by tellingrepparttar 122482 prospect that ifrepparttar 122483 next prospect in line upgrades to a paid position before he does then he will forever loose commission on that prospect. This is an extremely powerful psychological tool.

•Strong Support:

It’s one thing to get someone to buy a distributorship, but it’s a totally different thing get them to workrepparttar 122484 business effectively. There must be an email follow up system once a new distributor signs on to ensure that he receive adequate training on who to market successfully. There must also be human support at this point. So, there must be strong relationships built between upline and new distributors.

•A Good Product or Service:

In order for this entire marketing process to work,repparttar 122485 system must be back by a strong and ethical network marketing organization that sells a high demand product that people need and would purchase even if there were no compensation plans attached to it.


You must be an active part of your business. You must be willing and open to learn new ideas and tactics at all times. You must have a passion for your business and truly believe inrepparttar 122486 product that you plan to build your organization around.

In Conclusion:

I’ve listedrepparttar 122487 basic component’s a of a perfect network marketing system. This system will involve NO cold calling becauserepparttar 122488 prospect will opt in to request more information specifically about your business before you even talk to them.

Cold calling generic bizz opp leads and hearing a lot of NO’s is what causes most network marketers to fail. We want to avoid this at all cost and this is what this system is designed to do!

Because prospects are opting in specifically for more information about your product and business plan and then get a detailed report explaining all ofrepparttar 122489 above before you even speak to them will greatly increase your chances of a successful conversion. The email follow-up and fear of loss systems will increase your chances successful conversion even further. These factors will cut down onrepparttar 122490 number of NO’s thatrepparttar 122491 average network marketer must endure before success. This will increase duplicability vastly.

Further, having uniform training and exceptional support arerepparttar 122492 basics and must be present.


Before you spend another dollar on your network marketing efforts ask yourself if you’re using a perfect network marketing system. If your answer is no and you aren’t having any success then ask yourself what you can do to change your system to one that will work for you and your future distributors usingrepparttar 122493 principles that I have detailed above.

Network marketing can certainly make you rich, that is… if you haverepparttar 122494 perfect system in place!

Daegan Smith is the Ex-NCAA Wrestler Turned Webmaster of Wanna Work From Home? Want a successful home based business? Then you need to check out Perfect Home Based Business Opportunities!

MLM Leads: How To Improve Your List

Written by Jesse Miles

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2.Scrub your data throughrepparttar Do Not Call Registry (DNC). Your MLM Leads List should be checked againstrepparttar 122474 DNC Registry every 90 days to be compliant (something you should seriously consider if you are using Aged MLM Leads or Genealogy Leads). It is YOUR responsibility to do this, and ultimately, you will be fined if you are found out of compliance withrepparttar 122475 national do not call policy. For more information on this, go to:

3.Another service that you can use is List Optimization. This is a unique process of profiling your MLM Leads List to identifyrepparttar 122476 best and worst prospects within your MLM Leads List. Optimized MLM Leads, LLC ( isrepparttar 122477 only provider of this service. It is not only invaluable as a time saving service, by being able to identifyrepparttar 122478 top prospects within your MLM Leads List, but will allow you to focus your recruiting efforts on building leadership within your organization.

Using these three services will allow you to getrepparttar 122479 most out of any MLM Leads List that you purchase.

Jesse Miles is a freelance writing and marketing consultant to network marketing companies. Jesse can be reached at

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