The Perfect Marketing Strategy for the Solopreneur

Written by Myrtis Smith

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This approach may sound simplistic, but sometimesrepparttar most obvious solution isrepparttar 117553 one most often overlooked. Concentrating your marketing efforts only onrepparttar 117554 things you like will give you 2 advantages:

1. You will be extremely effective. Success is inevitable when you concentrate onrepparttar 117555 things you do well and play up your strengths.

2. You will be consistent. If you are doing something you enjoy (and are good at) you will be far more likely to stick to it. If you hate writing, forcing yourself to do an article every week will quickly feel like torture and thereís a chance you will only do it sporadically. A hit-or-miss marketing strategy isnít much better than none at all.

So use your strengths to create a solid marketing strategy. Forrepparttar 117556 things that you donít do well (or donít like) considering forming partnerships with other solopreneurs to take advantage of each otherís skills.

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Written by Stephen R. Renfrow

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8. Selectrepparttar type of business you want to be. Incorporation carriesrepparttar 117552 most prestige but it isn't always practical for a small business. You can always start as a sole proprietor. A partnership will be necessary if you have someone else sharingrepparttar 117553 profits and expenses ofrepparttar 117554 business with you. Additionally you can form a International Business Company (IBC) and have your Trust own it. Everything becomes anonymous and provides you and your beneficiaries benefits for life. In essence you own nothing (on paper). Yet I travelrepparttar 117555 world on my Debit MasterCard with no Social Security Number (as I do not have one, nor do I want to incorporate, due to religious reasons).

9. Obtain enough supplies to launch your business. Be well-equipped withrepparttar 117556 basics: pencils, pens, note paper, paper clips, rubber bands, staplers and this type of office needs should be purchased in quantity. You achieve a savings by higher volume purchasing and also avoid possible work stoppage because you are out of supplies constantly. You do have bookkeeping software right? Does your Contact Mgr. software have a calendar? Order business stationary and envelopes along with business cards. Remember, you are trying to create a positive, professional image. If you wish, hire a graphic artist to design a logo for your business. This should appear everywhere - Website, bus. card, letterhead and envelopes. Shop around for printers. There are often "specials" and prices have really come down. A color laser printer is now < $1000.

10. If your business outgrows your house, shop around for a good location. Don't consider moving out of your "home" office unless you've redone your expense calculation, divided it by 12 and seen that your new monthly expenses can be eclipsed by your revenues. Consider out- sourcing some work to other sub-contractors working at their home.

If you outgrow your home office and decide to find an outside office, consider sharing a space with other professionals in a building, where business needs like a photocopier, fax, receptionist, etc. can be shared amongrepparttar 117557 occupants. You'd still have your own private office, but it will save dollars to combine other resources. Shop for office furniture to getrepparttar 117558 best price possible. Checkrepparttar 117559 newspaper for notices about bankruptcy auctions and Sheriff's sales where you can often obtain nearly new, higher quality equipment for little money.

After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

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