The Perfect Body.

Written by Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT

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What if we all completely forgot about having a perfect body and refocused on being healthy? We’d lose allrepparttar emotional baggage that comes with perfection. We’d focus instead, on health and feeling good. We would eat properly and sensibly and exercise. Lots of vegetables, lean proteins and some whole grains. Nutrient packed foods, which have negative calories because they're work forrepparttar 135832 body to break them down. It’srepparttar 135833 man made foods that tempt us and make us eat too much because they just taste so…good? These foods spoil our taste buds: sugar, processed foods, white flour, hydrogenated oils. They take awayrepparttar 135834 pleasure of simpler more complex flavors. Plus these once nutritious foods are processed into empty fat storing, blood sugar raising caloric dumping. Yes, okay sometimes we can indulge with a glass of wine or piece of chocolate. We can't always say no. Halloween andrepparttar 135835 holidays are imminent and we need good habits to fortify our resolve without being rigid. Here’s a strategy! Eatrepparttar 135836 healthy foods first. Relish them and get satisfied. Afterrepparttar 135837 meal is when you go forrepparttar 135838 'bad' or 'fun' food if you still need to. You’ll only eat a little, because you’re sated. There are no diet secrets, only common sense. Of course there isrepparttar 135839 role of social stigma andrepparttar 135840 media continuing to revrepparttar 135841 engine of needing to have a perfect body. But we know better now. We may not look like a super star or model but maybe our natural healthy glow from our zoning through life in good health will give usrepparttar 135842 longevity and quality of life we all desire. Part of being productive in our daily life is exercise. Our advanced technology affords usrepparttar 135843 time to make time for daily exercise. Our bodies need, crave it and respond to it oncerepparttar 135844 habit is formed. One thorough give it your all effort, for one hour a day is plenty. Exercise is what keeps you looking, feeling and being young. Exercise for survival is part of our evolution. Did our predecessors ever prioritize a perfect body? So forget about perfection. Now get out there eat healthy, exercise and find your zone to enjoy life to its fullest. PS. Can we haverepparttar 135845 perfect body? Absolutely! Can you keep it once you’ve got it? Definitely! Butrepparttar 135846 only way it will really stay is a lot of rigid control (saying no) or a lot of losing control by ‘zoning’ and regular exercise. Deborah Caruana RN, AAHRFP, NASM, ACE. Vital Signs EMAIL:

DEBORAH is a highly respected authority in personal training for overall health and fitness, with more than 22 years of experience and success.


Written by Valerie Goettsch

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Using a retinol cream will encouragerepparttar exfoliation of these dead skin cells so healthier cells can surface. Skin will appear softer and smoother and pores will appear smaller. Skin will look younger and healthier. Withrepparttar 135715 stimulation of collagen production, skin cells will be plumper, more like they were in our youth.

The cell rejuvenation caused by vitamin A has also been shown to be helpful on acne patients becauserepparttar 135716 exfoliation unclogs pores and helps fade acne scars.

When looking for a vitamin A or retinol creme product, look for one with a high enough level of retinol to be effective.

Popular Retinol-Containing Products

Vitamin A or Retinol isrepparttar 135717 main ingredient found inrepparttar 135718 skin creams and lotions of several popular product lines including DDF, SkinScience, M.D. Forte, and TYK Young Again.

Valerie Goettsch is webmaster of the site, which is dedicated to reviewing anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin care products and offering tips on achieving younger looking skin.

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