The Pentagram and the SUN (RA)

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Atrepparttar time of Cätäl Hüyük a couple of millennia beforerepparttar 143561 Black Sea became something other than an inland freshwater lake, there appears to be a ‘precocious’ cell of advanced people there according to Jacquetta Hawkes. Are these Anatolians connected withrepparttar 143562 Smyrna Milesians or ‘Bees’ ofrepparttar 143563 Onassis Merovingians? Are theyrepparttar 143564 people who becamerepparttar 143565 Shardana on Sardinia along withrepparttar 143566 nearby Legurian (Genoese Phoenician Pirates) group who treated Druids as priests according to one author I have quoted? There is so much to piece together, and correct. Here are a couple of time line dates to consider in recent days aboutrepparttar 143567 Merovingian/Milesians. 1932: Aristotle Socrates Onassis, a Greek drug pusher and ship owner who made his first million selling "Turkish tobacco" (Opium) in Argentina, worked out a profitable deal with Joseph Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, and Meyer Lansky (Nixon wasrepparttar 143568 keynote speaker atrepparttar 143569 opening of his Bahamas casinos. The Mafia later gave Nixon money to get his San Clemente estate). Onassis was to ship booze directly into Boston for Joseph Kennedy (who also had no money in stocks whenrepparttar 143570 crash came but made huge money in stock rumour mongering but then was appointed to headrepparttar 143571 SEC). Also involved was a heroin deal with Franklin and Elliott Roosevelt. No doubt these things I say require your further research – but do not accept just one or two ‘official’ denials. 1934: Onassis, Rockefeller andrepparttar 143572 Seven Sisters (major oil companies) signed an agreement, outlined an oil cartel memo: Beatrepparttar 143573 Arabs out of their oil, ship it on Onassis's ships; Rockefeller andrepparttar 143574 Seven Sisters to get rich. All this was done. It is just part of a very serious situation that also involvesrepparttar 143575 pharmacological abuse of humanity underrepparttar 143576 guise of psychiatry and medicine.

A web of drug traders who may have builtrepparttar 143577 over 7000 ‘nuraghi’ (medieval looking castles) on Sardinia starts to appear. The potions of Anatolian Blue Lotus hallucinogens when joined with Peruvian cocaine allowed an ancient culture to control many of their colonies. Perhaps this kind of control wasrepparttar 143578 true beginning ofrepparttar 143579 end of Brotherhood but gender issues were involved as well. I think James Joyce as quoted by Joseph Campbell in Gimbutas’s Language ofrepparttar 143580 Goddess brings it all together for us. He calls it a 5000 year ‘nightmare’. When I sayrepparttar 143581 ‘web of drug traders’, I am talking about Phoenicians or Northern Semites and their ‘brothers’. The Sun:

The Tepaphone used by Hitler's Freemasonic Order ofrepparttar 143582 Golden Centurion is based on The Lost Chord of Druidry. The knowledge begins in understandingrepparttar 143583 Harmonic of Light andrepparttar 143584 sun. The sun is best observed throughrepparttar 143585 transit of Venus which was a major part of Captain Cook's research when he first was sent out to explorerepparttar 143586 Pacific.

From: Eternum1 Sent: 25/10/2004 11:15 PM Dear Robert:

I too findrepparttar 143587 mummery tarot readers and astrologers often use ridiculous.

I do thinkrepparttar 143588 ancient Egyptians and Mesoamericans had an understanding ofrepparttar 143589 suns influence onrepparttar 143590 earth that we are just beginning to confirm. There remains little doubtrepparttar 143591 charlatans who disguised themselves as priests overrepparttar 143592 past millenia had much to do with this repression of knowledge.

Genetic changes through variation of local magnetic field strengths does affect mitosis (cell division) and sincerepparttar 143593 sun goes through 28 day cycles relative torepparttar 143594 earths orbiting of it, may affect certain personality traits at conception. Hence my tie-in with sun signs and real electromagnetic changes affecting developing embryos.

It's also theorized that equatorial climes like those ofrepparttar 143595 Maya were most severely affected by a period of sunspot activity that resulted in a severe decline in fertility hence a reason forrepparttar 143596 abandonment of cities like chichen itza becauserepparttar 143597 cycle coincided withrepparttar 143598 return of Quetzalcoatl (a role Cortes usurped to his own advantage). Alsorepparttar 143599 climate would change during a period of solar polar flips which would tiltrepparttar 143600 earth’s axis and electromagnetic fields as well.

Sincerepparttar 143601 sun itself couldn't be directly observed for sunspot activity during those times it wasrepparttar 143602 cycles of Venus that were used to heraldrepparttar 143603 changes that would repeat themselves over millenia. I believe this information was widely spread amongrepparttar 143604 meso-americans and their celtic trading partners prior torepparttar 143605 total destruction of Carthage and its wealth of knowledge.

The sun as you know causes nuclear reactions inrepparttar 143606 atmosphere that can transform nitrogen atoms into a heavy form (isotope) of carbon that has an atomic weight of 14 instead ofrepparttar 143607 usual 12.

C14 as you know is used for carbon dating but while archaeologists have found it reliable in most cases there are anomalies that can only be attributed torepparttar 143608 amount of c14 inrepparttar 143609 atmosphere over different periods of time.

C14 is now linked to solar activity andrepparttar 143610 advance and retreat of alpine glaciers and it shows that high levels of c14 correspond with decreases in solar activity.

The explanation as I understand it, is that an active sun generates a large number of sunspots, and these in turn cause a large number of charged particles to be thrown into space resulting in a thickening ofrepparttar 143611 Van Allen belts. As a resultrepparttar 143612 lower atmosphere is shielded from cosmic radiation and less c14 is produced. Conversely at times of low solar activity, when there are few if any sunspots, there are fewer ions betweenrepparttar 143613 atmosphere andrepparttar 143614 sun to shield out cosmic rays. More nitrogen is thus converted to c14.

Scientists are now comparingrepparttar 143615 graphs for solar activity (sunspot numbers) temperatures, wind severity, and glaciation againstrepparttar 143616 rise and fall of civilizations. It seemsrepparttar 143617 high levels of solar activity correlate withrepparttar 143618 growth of sophisticated civilizations while low activity links up with periodic 'dark ages'.

Is this what is indicated inrepparttar 143619 Maya long count calendar? I don't know but it seems reasonable to speculate that a period of increased seismic activity along with increased severe weather (hurricanes churning towardsrepparttar 143620 Mayan gulf cities) which also led to a disruption ofrepparttar 143621 wet season for crops and possibly a decline in human fertility would have led them to abandon their homes, especially ifrepparttar 143622 events were prophesied as we believe they were.

Withrepparttar 143623 forecast year of 2012 asrepparttar 143624 end of this fifth age we might also wonder aboutrepparttar 143625 climactic and electromagnetic changes we are witnessing today.

I noted your aside that Cayce was a Mason. While I too have some doubts about his ability to actually prophesize I wonder if you think he had access to esoteric knowledge that contravened his religious piety? Certainly his predictions about finding Atlantean outcroppings offrepparttar 143626 coast of Belize and Bimini seem accurate as well as his earlier beliefs inrepparttar 143627 earths axis (from magnetic forces)tilting, causing widespread tidal and weather related destruction in a cyclical fashion.

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Palmistry - an Introduction

Written by Jen McCormack

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The colour Red representsrepparttar star sign Aries and Scorpio.

The Colour Yellow... Assists With : Psychic Ability, Mental Strength, Wisdom

Yellow enhances and improves psychic abilities, it builds upon your wisdom and allows for clarity of thought. Yellow mentally stimulates and enhances communication. Yellow enables your mental powers to rise torepparttar 143513 surface and creates a peace that enables you to move forward and grow spiritually.

The colour Yellow representsrepparttar 143514 star sign Leo and Virgo.

The Colour Purple... Assists With : Healing, Power, Strength, Spirituality

Another one ofrepparttar 143515 powerful and intense colours, used correctly purple can enhance and strengthen healing and assist us in our journey towards true spirituality. Look for people you know to be spirituality “in-tune” and I am sure you will find some shade ofrepparttar 143516 colour purple on them.

The colour Purple representsrepparttar 143517 star sign Pisces.

The Colour Blue... Assists With : Healing, Sleep, Peace, Honesty

Blue is most children’s favourite colour – ever wonder why? Blue is an extremely powerful colour it delves deep intorepparttar 143518 psyche. Blue heals and promotes growth, it isrepparttar 143519 colour associated with royalty and nobility. Blue isrepparttar 143520 colour of respect, it allows one to overcome fear and helps promote and foster inner calmness. Peace, serenity and sense of ones self can be achieved throughrepparttar 143521 colour blue.

The colour Blue representsrepparttar 143522 star sign Aquarius.

The Colour Orange... Assists With : Legal Matters, Empowerment, Success,

Orange is almost an undiscovered colour and is only now starting its long awaited ride torepparttar 143523 top ofrepparttar 143524 colour charts. Orange is not only an antidepressant it also stimulates and excitesrepparttar 143525 mind. Anyone with a desire to enhance and add direction and purpose to their life can do with a little orange (orange can be quite powerful, take mind not to add too much though).

The colour Orange representsrepparttar 143526 star sign Libra and Leo.

The Colour White... Assists With : Protection, Peace, Spirituality, Serenity

White isrepparttar 143527 colour of Protection, Peace, Spirituality and Serenity. It isrepparttar 143528 colour we “see”, when we see good, just and right. White protects it hasrepparttar 143529 ability to cradle and encase. White allows for complete peace, it conveys openness, encourages warmth, purification and leads to a complete and unconditional sense of serenity.

The colour White representsrepparttar 143530 star sign Cancer.

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