The Pendulum Swings Both Ways

Written by Elena Fawkner

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Now Internet businesses were expected to come up with business plans that looked like those fromrepparttar real world and which included real numbers, real timelines and real results. No longer were bankers looking through rose-colored glasses. That pink ink really WAS pink (or, more precisely, now that we look at it a little closer, more red than pink, actually).

Suddenly money wasn't being thrown at Internet entrepreneurs' feet. Suddenly loans were being called up and businesses shut down. Suddenly investors were watching stock prices dwindle ever so inexorably, day by day. Suddenly investors were losing life savings and vowing to never again invest in repparttar 119086 new economy.


Afterrepparttar 119087 big bang,repparttar 119088 landscape was strewn withrepparttar 119089 carcasses of one-time high-flyers, brought down to earth by nothing more earth-shattering than simple gravity.

But like blades of grass emerging fromrepparttar 119090 scorched earth following a bushfire,repparttar 119091 small, conservative, money- parched, lower case e entrepreneurs got to their feet.

Unburdened by crippling debt and understanding all along that an Internet business is no different from any other business - revenues must always exceed expenses after all - their businesses survivedrepparttar 119092 great Internet shake-out.

For so long bemoaning to themselves, "How are we supposed to compete withrepparttar 119093 big guys?", suddenly a new realization ... "How are they supposed to compete with us?". How arerepparttar 119094 "big guys" able to target niche marketsrepparttar 119095 way we can so effectively and yet generaterepparttar 119096 kinds of bucks necessary to fund their infrastructures; how can they possibly provide true customer service on a genuinely personal level, as opposed to employing an army of autobots? How can they possibly be nimble enough to turn on a dime in response to changing dynamics that occur on a seemingly daily basis? What their failure tells us is, quite simply, they can't.

So, although we're all payingrepparttar 119097 price ofrepparttar 119098 Internet backlash, over time new norms will be established. The pendulum has now swung to both extremes -repparttar 119099 goldrush arc andrepparttar 119100 backlash arc. A pendulum, though, finally comes to rest dead center.

So, hold your nerve, position yourself and your business in that center, where you've been all along, and you'll be ready to take your place inrepparttar 119101 NEW new economy which will soon emerge.

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical home business ideas, resources and strategies for the work-from-home entrepreneur.

Are You Guilty Of Being An "Information Overload" Junkie?

Written by Mary Holzrichter

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"Whatrepparttar hell am I doing?"

Sometimes you get so frustrated, you just want to drown it all out in a flood of tears!

Time Out!

Has your mind become paralyzed? Have you lost all sense of priorities? Have you enteredrepparttar 119085 "cyberland of no return"?

No, I don't think so. There's still hope.

I realize I've painted myself into a corner. I have to leap overrepparttar 119086 wet paint to get out of this predicament. I'm going about this all backwards. I should only be gathering that information which I need for building my website. The rest ofrepparttar 119087 information can wait until I reach that point.

And, YES, I'm an "information overload" junkie.

Here's what I'm going to do.

1. Unsubscribe to any newsletters, no matter how good they are, and facerepparttar 119088 fact that maybe I don't NEED that particular information yet. When I do, I can re-subscribe. Anyway, I hope they'll let me do so!

2. Get rid of all those bookmarks. Only keeprepparttar 119089 ones I recognize and use.

3. Clean out my email. If I haven't read it after six months I'm never going to.

4. Read only those eBooks I've downloaded that are relevant torepparttar 119090 actual building of a website. The other ones can just set there and wait. Deleterepparttar 119091 ones I'll never use.

5. Actually, start physically building my website. Concentrate ONLY on building my website. Stop just thinking about it, and DO it! I can always change it as I go along. No one says it has to berepparttar 119092 greatest thing since sliced bread!

6. I MUST get organized. My computer room looks like a tornado went through it. When someone comments, "How do you FIND anything?" my reply is, "As long as no one touches anything, I know exactly where everything is". And I "usually" do. But since I'm going to "clean house", I think I'll giverepparttar 119093 organization bit a try. Who knows, maybe I'll like it. I'll keeprepparttar 119094 printed material that is relevant to my needs, punch holes in it, and put it in binders. The rest goes inrepparttar 119095 car trunk torepparttar 119096 recycling center.

7. I'll even make a schedule for myself such as an alloted time to readrepparttar 119097 ezines I'll continue to subscribe to. An amount of time to work on my website. An amount of time to place ads. An amount of time to read email and respond. Oh, and only certain times to hit that "get new messages" button.

Hopefully, once I've "cleaned house", I can get rolling "forward" instead of "backwards" with a cleared-out mind.

No more "information overload" for me. I've recovered!

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