The Only Visitor That Counts Is A Repeat Visitor

Written by Dr. Bill Nieporte

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You getrepparttar point, don't you?

So--how do you begin to address these WANTS on your site in order to attract REPEAT VISITORS. Here are three ideas:


A discussion board can be a tremendous draw for repeat visitors. They can provide your visitors with an opportunity to make comments, offer advice, and/or ask questions. The benefits are numerous. A sense of community will develop around your site. Friendships will form. People will learn from one another. They will discover ways to help others.

All this will add up to ongoing repeat visitors-->which will greatly increase your business success.


People want to get more money and more stuff. Greed may or may not be good, depending on how you define it. One thing you can't deny is that it is a real motivation.

So find a way to feed that motivation in a postive manner. Host a contest on your site. There are several different businesses that you can join that will permit you to host THEIR sweepstakes contest. People will keep coming back to your site for a chance to win-->and their return visits make it more likely that you will win their business.


A recent survey from a major search engine asked how people usedrepparttar 125258 Internet. The overwhelming response was that people used it for research--to get more information about a topic of interest.

Now asked yourselves two questions!

-->What isrepparttar 125259 niche of your web site? -->How can you educate people about that subject?

For example, one of my sites (, is clearly focused on ezine editing and promotion. The site markets several products that will aidrepparttar 125260 typical ezine editor.

In order to educate people to start or publish a better ezine, I have included a brief tutorial, an article library, advertising options, free on subject ebooks, ezine recommendations, autoresponder reports, and much more. The site is changing constantly to keep people wanting to come back for more.

Isn't this more useful than hundreds of banners, buttons, and flashing links?

Please remember thatrepparttar 125261 key to you success is not to get them to come to you site--but to come back. If they don't come back you won't makerepparttar 125262 sale!

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"Achieve Promotional Success Online Via Many Avenues!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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It is nice to know that research we compiled in 1996 stating that online promotions must be "multifaceted" was very much ahead of its' time. :-)

The Secret to online business success or even successful Exposure of a non-commercial Web Site is through constant, Persistent, multi-faceted Promotion. And to promote your Internet presence you need to utilizerepparttar Basic 5 outlined here:

1. Email isrepparttar 125257 foundation. 2. A Web Site isrepparttar 125258 "Main Building" standing on repparttar 125259 foundation of Email. 3. Newsgroups offer unique Exposure possibilities. 4. Search Engines and can provide much Exposure! 5. Online Ads can provide far reaching worldwide Exposure.

You can view our short report in greater detail at:

Considering we compiledrepparttar 125260 research forrepparttar 125261 above web site in 1996, it is amazing just how relevant it is even today.

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