The One Simple Trick that can double your Adsense revenue

Written by Brad Bahr

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Testing previously done at supermarkets had revealed thatrepparttar same product could pull more sales from just changingrepparttar 102380 colors ofrepparttar 102381 label. What were these colors? Red and yellow! The combination of these two colors has an immediate impact onrepparttar 102382 person who sees them. They make your eyes stop and focus. They pull your eyes right to that part ofrepparttar 102383 page. They grab your attention! I'm not sure exactly whyrepparttar 102384 combination of red and yellow does this, but it does. On one of my sites, I changed my Adsense ads to a bright red border and a yellow background with black text and URL.

My click through rate more than doubled with just that one simple change. That's what worked on my site. Your site's color scheme may work better with a slightly different color combination. Try lots of different color variations. Make a change inrepparttar 102385 morning and let it ride forrepparttar 102386 whole day. The next morning, try a different set of colors. Changerepparttar 102387 border, background, text. Change everything you can. Most importantly, keep detailed records ofrepparttar 102388 color scheme you used, click ratio and revenue generated.

After you've done allrepparttar 102389 experimenting you want to, go back torepparttar 102390 most profitable one and let it run for a week or so and see how it does. I'm always trying different colors even after my run of good clicks with red and yellow. There are a lot of color combinations to choose from. You never know when you'll find justrepparttar 102391 right one.

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How to Start and Suceed with a Home Business

Written by Jim Johnston

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Now you need to establish a customer database, keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis. This is important! Send them advertise-ments, inform them of new products or services that you have added to your business. These steps will help you create confidence with your clients. It is also important to ask them for their feedback and suggestions that might prove to be beneficial to your business. Rememberrepparttar customer is looking from another vantage point and may be more helpful than you might imagine.


Finally, don't be afraid of change or updating your business when needed. Times and trends change rapidly these days. Technology demands changes and requirements continually. Most ofrepparttar 102379 time it is to our advantage to change with it so that we can meetrepparttar 102380 needs of an ever changing world and customer demands. Just as comuters and software demands are changing, so arerepparttar 102381 needs of your clients. The world is always moving and so must you to keep your business healthy and prosperous. By following these basic rules and using good old common sense you can and will have an enjoyable and rewarding business future. You make your own make it bright!


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