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Inrepparttar text: Here, too, you should choose an “up” or “down” style. The “down” style: Capitalize onlyrepparttar 140754 first word of every sentence, plus proper nouns. The “up” style: Capitalize Federal, State, Department, and so on. Your choice of “up” or “down” style will also apply to any subheadings. Whether you choose “up” or “down,” you should always capitalizerepparttar 140755 pronoun “I” and relatives’ titles when used withrepparttar 140756 proper name (for example, “Uncle Dan,” but “my uncle“). Capitalize Mother or Father when addressingrepparttar 140757 parent directly, but not when referring to him or her (“my mother,” “my father”). TYPES OF PRODUCTS The News Article A news article’s first sentence --repparttar 140758 “lead” -- is its most important element. The lead must contain as many ofrepparttar 140759 key ingredients -- who, what, where, when, why, and how -- as possible. These facts informrepparttar 140760 reader ofrepparttar 140761 main thrust ofrepparttar 140762 news and provide a context for understanding what follows. Subsequent paragraphs provide further information. They appear in order of descending importance for a very practical reason: If there is not space enough forrepparttar 140763 entire article, it may be cut fromrepparttar 140764 bottom without destroying its essence. This factor distinguishesrepparttar 140765 news article fromrepparttar 140766 feature story andrepparttar 140767 editorial. The Press Release A press release is a news article with spin, company propaganda. It reportsrepparttar 140768 news about a new product or business development in a positive manner. There is not likely to be a downside included. Of course, that describes a proactive press release; a reactive one might very well include negative information -- ifrepparttar 140769 company perceives that it needs to acknowledge certain facts in order to salvage its public image. The Opinion Piece or Editorial Writing an editorial or an opinion piece is similar to writing an essay, although less formal in structure and style. In all three,repparttar 140770 author asserts a point of view and supports it with logical discourse or facts. The piece may define, describe, or explain a concept or a proposal; evaluate and/or compare ideas, systems, processes, or activities; make and defend a choice among options.Opinion pieces should always be labeled as such. The Feature Story A feature article may take various forms -- a human interest story, a celebrity interview, an in-depth explanation of a current issue or development, a profile of a local leader,repparttar 140771 saga of a successful business. The list could go on and on. Feature articles are characteristically longer than most news stories. All features attempt to interestrepparttar 140772 reader in something unusual. For instance, an article might examinerepparttar 140773 role of women in Arab societies,repparttar 140774 new elements inrepparttar 140775 revised SAT, orrepparttar 140776 Internet business that is being outsourced to India. Perhaps a local man has been selected to appear on Jeopardy! There is really no limit torepparttar 140777 possibilities. For a company publication, more likely topics might be staff reorganization, United Fund drive progress, product development, and an officer profile. Andrepparttar 140778 CEO will probably want you to ghost-write a column bearing his/her byline. The Newsletter Asrepparttar 140779 editor of a newsletter, you will have a number of key decisions to make atrepparttar 140780 outset. *What size will it be? Most newsletters are 17” x 11” folded to 8 ½” x 11.” *How many pages? Four or any multiple of four. *Binding? If more than four pages, saddle-stitch binding. *Self-mailer? Leave space for recipient name/address, return address, and mailing indicia. *Number of columns per page? *How often will it be published? Matters of Style *Typeface for text and headlines? Type sizes? *What font and size willrepparttar 140781 subheads be? *Should type be flush left and ragged right or fully justified? (Justified type is flush left and right. Ragged right lines end withrepparttar 140782 last full word that fits.) *What size willrepparttar 140783 masthead be? Where will it be placed? *Will articles jump from one page to another or be printed in a continuum? *Will you use artwork or photos? Cut lines or captions? *Where will you placerepparttar 140784 staff box? *Will you list all ofrepparttar 140785 contents -- or selected items -- in an article or box onrepparttar 140786 front page? Matters of Content *Chances arerepparttar 140787 topics to be covered were spelled out initially, either by your boss or byrepparttar 140788 organization’s leaders, or perhaps they were dictated byrepparttar 140789 organization’s purpose/function. *Don’t work in a vacuum. Appoint a committee of people representing different parts ofrepparttar 140790 company/organization; meet with them in a planning session for each issue. *It’s a good idea to have a mix of news items and feature articles, plus brief notices in boxes that break uprepparttar 140791 page. Variety makes a newsletter lively and keepsrepparttar 140792 reader interested. Article Review Establish procedures for review of your articles by staff members prior to publication. After type is set, arrange for another staff member to proofread, backing you up. About Layout Whether you are doing desktop publishing or sending camera-ready copy to a printer with an offset press, you will have to lay out your pages. To do so, you should create a template withrepparttar 140793 number of columns ofrepparttar 140794 width you have chosen and feed your headlines, articles, and artwork intorepparttar 140795 template. You will be able to set type in multiple column widths to enhancerepparttar 140796 visual appeal of your newsletter. Artwork You will probably want to userepparttar 140797 CEO’s picture with his/her column, and you may also use mug shots of employees who are mentioned in other articles. Original artwork adds sophistication to your newsletter, and if you can afford to hire an artist, you will probably want to follow this course. It will be up to you (and your boss) whether to use a mix of photos and original art or use original art exclusively. Speech Writing If you’re assigned to write a speech forrepparttar 140798 CEO, insist on interviewing her or him aboutrepparttar 140799 purpose,repparttar 140800 content, andrepparttar 140801 desired outcome. Listen carefully torepparttar 140802 CEO’s speech patterns. Short or long sentences? Serious or light demeanor? Articulate or not? Terse or long-winded? Discuss whether to open with a joke or get right down to business, how to structurerepparttar 140803 material, how much timerepparttar 140804 speech should take. The more successful this interview,repparttar 140805 betterrepparttar 140806 speech.

The author has more than 40 years experience as a writer and editor. He was manager of corporate publications for Educational Testing Service, a newsletter editor for Merrill Lynch, and held various positions with educational agencies and as an education reporter for three major dailies. He is retired now but offering his editing skills on the Web.

Salt Therapy and its European well-known beneficial effects in respiratory diseases

Written by LTiba

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The inventor thought this device as an air salinizer that uses forced ionization ofrepparttar indoor air by salt sublimation creating a micro climate of dry aerosol salt therapy in your living space. He used a natural process of salt crystallization to obtain salt micro crystals under 5µm in diameter, invisible to human eyes, being able to penetrate deep intorepparttar 140701 lung. The device uses only natural salt from withinrepparttar 140702 mountain of salt, untreated or touched byrepparttar 140703 human processing technology.

Based on clinical studies,repparttar 140704 inhaled saline has bactericide, mucokinetic, hydrophilic, anti inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation inrepparttar 140705 whole respiratory tract, absorbing edema fromrepparttar 140706 mucosa liningrepparttar 140707 airway passages leading to widening ofrepparttar 140708 airway passages, restoringrepparttar 140709 normal transport of mucus and unclog blockages inrepparttar 140710 bronchi and bronchioles leading to rapid elimination ofrepparttar 140711 residual tar and foreign allergens, all of these in a natural process. Edema ofrepparttar 140712 nasal mucosa andrepparttar 140713 oropharynx and soft palate, causing nasal obstruction and snoring is diminished, leading to widening ofrepparttar 140714 airway passage inrepparttar 140715 nose andrepparttar 140716 tubes ofrepparttar 140717 sinuses and improvingrepparttar 140718 sinuses drainage and reducing snoring. Inrepparttar 140719 auditory tube, edema ofrepparttar 140720 Eustachian tube causing ear infection, is also diminished, leading to widening ofrepparttar 140721 airway passages, better drainage and better aeration behindrepparttar 140722 tympanic membrane.

The salt therapy was found to have beneficial effects inrepparttar 140723 treatment of: •Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis •COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) •Allergic Rhinopathy or Hay Fever •Cystic Fibrosis •Sinusitis •Ear Infections •Smoking Cough •Various acute or chronic respiratory disease •Reduce snoring and activates better sleep by clearingrepparttar 140724 airway passages in oropharyngeal region •Increased resistance to Cold & Flu by opening and clearingrepparttar 140725 nasal airway and improvingrepparttar 140726 drainage ofrepparttar 140727 sinuses •Humidifiesrepparttar 140728 bronchial secretions reducing broncho-spasm and facilitating elimination ofrepparttar 140729 smoke residual tar, phlegm expel and other allergens •Improvesrepparttar 140730 quality ofrepparttar 140731 indoor air by eliminatingrepparttar 140732 dust, cigarette smoke, bad odours, mould and mites, having bactericide reduction properties.

The salt therapy is a natural method of therapy and does not involve any risk and is finally adapted torepparttar 140733 living space. However, this is NOT a substitute for medical treatment and should only be used as an adjuvant helping to improverepparttar 140734 quality of patients’ life, reducingrepparttar 140735 antibiotics and corticoids or steroids intake, reducingrepparttar 140736 rate of annual hospitalizations and decreaserepparttar 140737 frequency of respiratory diseases attacks.

For more information, clinical studies and testimonials you can visitrepparttar 140738 web site. The salt therapy device could also be available in some health stores.

LTiba WebSite: +1 / 519.641.SALT

NB: The author grants reprint permission to opt-in publications and websites so long asrepparttar 140739 copyright and by-line are included intact andrepparttar 140740 article is not used in spam.

Educated and motivated person, having a multicultural background with extensive knowledge about European health products and practices.

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