The Number One Secret Behind the Alpha Male's Body Language

Written by John Alexander

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Sorepparttar solution is to avoid contemplating your worrisome thoughts anymore. Identify them for what they are... toxic to your emotional state, and... let them go.

Simply not dwelling on negative outcomes that make you feel upset will reduce 90% of your worries.

2. A second strategy to relax is to breathe through your abdomen rather than your chest.

When you breathe, imagine that you’re bringing air down to your stomach. Feel your belly rise and fall as you breathe.

3. Avoid nonverbal behaviors that arerepparttar 140803 opposite of relaxation: - Raising your shoulders. - Wrinkling your forehead. - Fidgeting with your hands and/or legs. - Tightening your facial muscles.

4. Relax all your muscles and slow down all of your movements a notch.

Alpha males generally move unhurriedly, as if they are in control of time itself. Beta males are nervous and make jerky movements. Imagine you are standing and walking through a swimming pool, where your movements are slow and fluid.

5. Relax your eyes and eyelids.

Beta males hold their eyelids wide open because they are so nervous. Their eyes dart all around. Instead let your eyelids rest. Look straight ahead. Only give things your attention if they interest you. While you’re out and about, dorepparttar 140804 affirmation to yourself, “I am sexual, I am relaxed, and I am in control.”

6. If someone wants your attention, move your head slowly.

A trait common to many beta males is being so eager to please that when someone calls their name, you see them spin their heads towardrepparttar 140805 person unnaturally fast.

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John Alexander is author of "How to Become an Alpha Male," a dating and seduction success guide available at

Four Keys to Overcoming Your Nervousness Around Women

Written by John Alexander

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Remember though: have no outcome in mind. So it doesn't matter ifrepparttar chick responds rudely.

In fact, when you reach a point that you've chatted up lots of women, you'll find that eventually rude responses on their part mean nothing. You'll have an attitude of "ha, how original... I've had tons of women give me that exact same 'clever' rude comment."

I've been rejected hideously, time and time again. One chick screamed "Go away!" at me before I could even get out my initial sentence.

Another time I thought it was amusing when I approached a group of two girls, just for practice, and right after I said "hey," they both turned their backs on me in unison, as if they were synchronized dancers!

Now I just look back on all of that and laugh.

My point is thatrepparttar 140802 more you approach,repparttar 140803 more you'll reach a level where you notice that most people act inrepparttar 140804 same, predictable ways. It'll bore you rather than cause you anxiety.

Think of it as trying to build a house. You put down one brick at a time and cement it. Brick, cement. Brick, cement. It'll take a long time, but eventually,repparttar 140805 walls will be up (which means you've finishedrepparttar 140806 hard part).

To get a bit more psychological, there's really no such thing as "being nervous." You don't "get nervous," like it's some kind of flu virus that invades your body.

All feelings of nervousness come from within. You have a certain series of thought processes that you go through. You say things to yourself. (When you think thoughts like, "I would reject myself," it sets you up for failure!) You picturerepparttar 140807 chicks rejecting you. You feel tense in your body. And so on.

So what you can do to break this is to identify it for what it is.

Notice your negative thoughts and change them. Instead of thinking, "Oh my God, this chick is going to act like a bitch to me because I fumble my words"... think, "It's awesome that I'm making this approach, because if this chick rejects me, that means I've gotten her out ofrepparttar 140808 way and I'm one step closer to finding my dream girl."

Notice where you feel tense in your body, and then let your muscles relax in those areas. For me, I feel tense in my jaw and face when I'm nervous. So when I relax my jaw and facial muscles, it alleviates a lot of my tension.

I'll wrap it up for you by concluding with this advice:

1) Be social forrepparttar 140809 sake of being social. Nothing else.

2) Remember thatrepparttar 140810 only way to get over your fear is by doingrepparttar 140811 thing you fear. The more you do it,repparttar 140812 easier it gets, because your attitude aboutrepparttar 140813 experiences will become, "Been there, done that, it's no big deal."

3) Recognize your bad thoughts and force yourself to replace them with good ones.

4) Easerepparttar 140814 physical tension you have in your body when you feel nervous. Learn to permanently overcome your shyness and anxiety around women.

John Alexander is author of "How to Become an Alpha Male,"a seduction success guide for men available at

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