"The Number One Answer is Search Engines..."

Written by Bill Platt

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The second page is forrepparttar month of April, 2001. In April, there were 955 people who came torepparttar 128431 site from search engines. This was 46% ofrepparttar 128432 total of 2073 site visitors. These visitors viewed 6521 pages.

You may view these actual statistics at: http://imiobc.com/keyword_rich/lrefers0401.html (362 kb)

The third page is forrepparttar 128433 month of March, 2001. In all, 1441 people came torepparttar 128434 site via search engines, which comprised 55.5% ofrepparttar 128435 2599 visitors. The sites visitors looked at 5899 pages while they were onsite.

These statistics are located at: http://imiobc.com/keyword_rich/lrefers0301.html (355 kb)

Going back a bit,repparttar 128436 next page I am making available is October of 2000. In this month, 1603 people found my site through search engines. This number represents 53.5% ofrepparttar 128437 sites 2995 visitors in October. All together, these 2995 people looked at 11,843 total pages.

These statistics can be found at: http://imiobc.com/keyword_rich/lrefers1000.html (440 kb)

Now, as you look at each referrer, you will note thatrepparttar 128438 domain from whichrepparttar 128439 traffic came is listed on top of each list, thenrepparttar 128440 actual page onrepparttar 128441 domain is listed atrepparttar 128442 right side with a link attached to it. You can actually click repparttar 128443 link atrepparttar 128444 right to seerepparttar 128445 actual search results used to find my site.

If you click on these search engine results used to find my site, keep in mind search engine results change over time, based on new data going intorepparttar 128446 engines. As a result, you will often be able to see my page listed, inrepparttar 128447 search results ofrepparttar 128448 page that opens, only in links that are fresh.

Another thing to note is that torepparttar 128449 right ofrepparttar 128450 actual page link is a lot of black text. This text represents special form information that was used to narrowrepparttar 128451 search results. Often, you will see "&query=blah+blah" or "&q=blah+blah". This refers torepparttar 128452 search terms actually being "blah blah". Sometimes, you will see something torepparttar 128453 effect of "&start=10" or "&first=10". In both cases, this tells you thatrepparttar 128454 search results begin at ten.

As you review these site statistics, you will be amazed atrepparttar 128455 wide range of search engine terms used to locate my domain. You may also be dumbfounded by some ofrepparttar 128456 keyword phrases that people type into search engines while looking forrepparttar 128457 results they desire. The one that really got me was "dangerous creatures caused invalid page fault"! If "dangerous creatures" is not a video game, I am lost.

Amidst all ofrepparttar 128458 different search terms listed in these pages, you might also noterepparttar 128459 frequency of my top site keywords, "free website content", "free ezine content" or some variation thereof. The pages that rely on these key terms seerepparttar 128460 highest number of visitors on my domain each month. I have done well to place these pages inrepparttar 128461 #1 spot on several search engines.

This site represents my first domain. If you were to have access torepparttar 128462 statistics on my other domains, you would be astonished atrepparttar 128463 numbers coming through my domains from search engines and from other sources.

My point is that while you should always take a multi-pronged approach to building traffic to your website, you should never dismissrepparttar 128464 power of search engines as one of your most viable traffic building solutions.

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Written by Craig Lock

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We also submit to www.Canada.com, who userepparttar Inktomi directory. They are very good.

A thought, sorry question, on which to end...

With allrepparttar 128430 comments and articles about search engines and so many people spending so much time and effort "trying to getrepparttar 128431 better of them", why don't more web marketers rather spend their valuable energies in activities, which they CAN CONTROL to some extent. Once you have posted torepparttar 128432 major search engines, monitor your positioning from time to time (say once a month) then LET BE. You'll never beat them, because their policies change allrepparttar 128433 time. Start concentrating on MARKETING and carving out a unique niche for yourself onrepparttar 128434 net with your particular products.

It's been a long learning curve for us at Eagle Products (NZ) seeing what works and what doesn't in getting listed withrepparttar 128435 major search engines ...likerepparttar 128436 lessons of life itself.

Hope this info may help you readers "out there in cyberspace".

Go for it and good luck.

Craig Lock


"We can all userepparttar 128437 internet to reach out torepparttar 128438 "global community" and build a better world in this new "Information Revolution" that is upon us. Let's use it wisely, respect our diversity and unique cultures; but elebrate a new world in union. One where, like your founding forefathers in America, you can first celebrate repparttar 128439 Independance Day ofrepparttar 128440 strong burning creative spirit that is within you. If set alight, it is one that will make your personal VISION ofrepparttar 128441 future a REALITY."

Craig Lock My various books* are available from: http://www.nzenterprise.com/writer/books.html http://www.novelty-gift.com/

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