The Number 1 Rule for Businesses - Be Professional

Written by Denise Hall

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We're not perfect. We all make mistakes. But if we frequently had those little red check marks on our composition papers in school, we should probably use spell check and have someone proof-read our copy before sending it into cyberspace.

A prime example is a website I visited a few months ago. As I started reading aboutrepparttar productrepparttar 117333 owner was selling I noticed an error withrepparttar 117334 use ofrepparttar 117335 word "our." The site said "When you use "are" product....." OK, one little mistake. No big deal.

However, as I continued reading, I discoveredrepparttar 117336 webmaster referred to "are" products and "are" website onrepparttar 117337 whole page! Not once wasrepparttar 117338 correct word, "our," used.

Frequently I read ads and articles that contain many spelling or punctuation errors. For instance, "Thinking back to when I first started my business. I had no idea how or where to begin."

I'm not a teacher, but I can see that it should be one sentence, not two. The writer cut offrepparttar 117339 first sentence before actually finishing it. It's likerepparttar 117340 train of thought came to a screeching halt. (In this case, I'mrepparttar 117341 writer giving you an example. So if this sentence resembles someone else's work, it was not done intentionally.)

The correct way to write it is "Thinking back to when I first started my business, I had no idea how or where to begin." It's one flowing sentence. Now it tells you what I was thinking.

Another option is to change it just a bit to make it a complete sentence. "I think back to when I first started my business" or "I remember when I first started my business." Then continue torepparttar 117342 second sentence.

I'm not wanting to demean anyone or be overly picky. Ads, web pages and articles just look much more professional when written with no errors, or at least very minor ones.

Many customers will shy away from a website or ad that seems poorly written or put together. The customer may seerepparttar 117343 business owner as an amateur, therefore their product, company or service may not be worth much.

Do your customers expect perfection? No. But they do expect professionalism. You're running a business, so you're supposed to be a professional. If you give a professional appearance, they'll believe in you and your business.

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One Guru To Rule Them All

Written by Karin Manning

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Then I sat down and actually wrote downrepparttar handful of ezines that I will read every week because I enjoy them so much, and others that I will read when I get round-to-it when time is not ofrepparttar 117332 essence.

I have two female role models who are ezine publishers and generally I watch what they do, I listen to what they say and I learn from them. My time is now too valuable to focus on other people.

I then decided to dorepparttar 117333 same thing withrepparttar 117334 incredible amount of information I’d accrued written by successful and extremely wealthy Internet marketers and actually analysed those that I personally feelrepparttar 117335 greatest rapport with (even just on paper). They’re interested inrepparttar 117336 same products that I am interested in, they promoterepparttar 117337 same products I do (sometimes in direct competition), they createrepparttar 117338 same multi-streams of income that I want to create, they provide excellent customer service that I aspire to, and are well-respected by their peers.

Two men instantly came to mind and I am affiliates of both of their programs. I will keep in constant contact with them, continually researching what they do, what they are changing, what is working for them, and I will follow their lead. Why? Because if I spend time listening to absolutely every single successful person online I would never have ay time left to devote to my own business, knowledgeable though I would be ;O).

While I will never stop researching what other people are doing online I will target my focus on two men who I have had continual contact with and support from and who I naturally gravitate towards.

Delve into your own business and you may have one guru that meets all your needs in this regard or a few. The next time you start to feel overwhelmed by allrepparttar 117339 incredibly powerful information available online why not be a little ruthless with your brain and your time…and do a brain clean! Kind of like going through your pc and deleting all those files and folders that are no longer relevant and just taking up too much room on your hard drive. Sometimes it’s not just your pc that needs to be reformatted.

Think outsiderepparttar 117340 square and find that one guru who for you rules them all and you and your business will immediately start to benefit fromrepparttar 117341 whole cleansing process.

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