The Non - Spatial Natural Selection (NSNS) or The NSTP Theory of Evolution

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

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spatial species ( or structures ) and consequently selects them in order to executerepparttar plan of design. The Darwinian natural selection is Spatial Natural Selection ( SNS ), whilerepparttar 127625 later one, being a specific case or application ofrepparttar 127626 NSTP theory, is Non - Spatial ( Computational ) Natural Selection ( NSNS ), which should now be called as Joshian Natural Selection. NSNS, through its idea of non - spatial computational intelligence creating orderly spatial illusion, answersrepparttar 127627 hardest biological problems such asrepparttar 127628 problem of cell development and differentiation ( ) orrepparttar 127629 problem of newly minted protein settling intorepparttar 127630 correct shape ( ), whichrepparttar 127631 Darwinian theory of evolution, or, in general,repparttar 127632 SNS completely fails to answer. And it is very clear thatrepparttar 127633 Joshian ( Non - Spatial ) Theory of Evolution is atrepparttar 127634 heart of evolution, notrepparttar 127635 Darwinian ( spatial ) theory of evolution. In effect,repparttar 127636 Darwinian theory of evolution is severely incomplete and hardly, if at all, answers how life develops.

The watchmaker is not blind but extremely intelligent, powerful, and a great foreseer. - Joshi

What is life ? - Erwin Schrodinger

Fromrepparttar 127637 NSTP theoretical perspective life is of two kinds :

1) Pseudo life - As space is a form of illusion to non-spatial mind, all spatial entities have pseudo life.

2) Real life - As feelings/consciousness is real/physical/material, all conscious entities, like I, have real life.

- Kedar Joshi

The Superultramodern Scientific Explanation of the Fundamental Forces

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

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b) Principal deficiency -

The particle theorists' model does not at all explain howrepparttar matter particle, that emits a force - carrying particle, realisesrepparttar 127624 presence ofrepparttar 127625 other matter particle. In other words,repparttar 127626 model does not explain howrepparttar 127627 emitter ofrepparttar 127628 force - carrying particle knows when to emit a particle.

Part II

The Superultramodern Explanation -

According torepparttar 127629 NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process) theory any basic force of attraction or repulsion is just a form of spatial illusion to non - spatial observer/s, whererepparttar 127630 illusion is modulated or orderly governed by some superhuman thoughts also existing inrepparttar 127631 form of non-spatial feelings. Any experimental evidence in support ofrepparttar 127632 particle theorists' explanation is also a form of orderly spatial illusion.

The NSTP theory is atrepparttar 127633 centre of superultramodern science. (Invention of Kedar Joshi (b.1979), Cambridge, UK)

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