The Nice People's Guide to Business Politics

Written by Lisa Lake

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I decided to start asking more questions to make sure I was up on things. One thing I figured out in this process was that when she said, "Could you try to get to this," she really meant, "I need this right now!" Well, I was worried at first that she'd think I was bugging her, but after a few days of my new approach, she actually pulled me aside and thanked me, and told me my work was really improving.

I was also a little worried about asking for help so much around my area. Computers were new to me and I wasn't really good at using them. I started askingrepparttar people near me to help me withrepparttar 131109 different programs, and they were pretty willing to help, at first. I didn't catch on really quickly, and I started noticing sighs and glares when I would ask for help yet again.

Well,repparttar 131110 first thing I decided to do was to thank everyone for their help, so I made up goody baskets for everyone in my area one Monday. I came in a little early and left cookies and homemade candy, along with a card saying "thanks forrepparttar 131111 help," for everyone in my division. Everyone loved them, andrepparttar 131112 smiles returned.

Next I went down torepparttar 131113 community college and registered for a six week office applications seminar. I missed my kids for a few nights, but it was sure worth it. Soon I was one of those people who gets askedrepparttar 131114 questions, and my boss commended me on my initiative.

Well, my experience at that office went from bad to great, and with only a little effort on my part. I'm in business for myself now, but I find that everything I learned during that period still helps me with clients, and even with my family. It definitely pays to pay attention.

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Success Begins Within

Written by Monique Rider

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At a petite 5’ 2”, I am not genetically gifted with good muscular development. However, I trained hard, was very dedicated to my diet, and did exactly what I was told me to do. I felt a lot of anxiety on April 11, 1998 when I stepped on stage in just a posing suit. Most of my competitors had better muscle development and had been training much longer than me. (Normally, that would have sent my confidence right outrepparttar window.) However, my routine was graceful and my poses weren’t bad either! The audience was very supportive and my self-confidence soared. I won a medal that day.

In my mind, I accomplished everything I set out to do. I gained valuable experience and many of my fears and hang-ups were conquered. I have never felt such confidence, satisfaction, and pride in myself. I have come a long way overrepparttar 131107 years and achieved many goals, but that contest changed my life tremendously. It is difficult to put into words, but I have not feltrepparttar 131108 same since that day.

Overrepparttar 131109 years my family and friends have noticedrepparttar 131110 positive change in my health, attitude, and self-confidence. I have taken other steps to improve in those areas and to heal from my past. However, bodybuilding has beenrepparttar 131111 one thing that has maderepparttar 131112 biggest difference in my life. It has made so much difference that I became a certified personal trainer. Through my new business, Trinity Coaching Services, I now combine fitness training and personal development coaching to help others reaprepparttar 131113 benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I have continued to compete once or twice a year, simply because it is vital for my self-esteem.

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