The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs

Written by Brian L. Pruitt

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Looking back, years ago, when I first began to learn to fly an airplane it was evident that it wasrepparttar support I received that allowed me to reach that dream from within. Although my dreams, visions, and goals have now changed direction, it was a learning process that will be with me forever. My first solo,repparttar 109424 completion of my private pilots license, my first flying job, thenrepparttar 109425 achievement of flyingrepparttar 109426 fastest corporate jet inrepparttar 109427 world. Yes, all these feats alongrepparttar 109428 way have been learning processes that will allow me to take my achievements and experiences within aviation and apply it to my various business endeavors. So, I encourage each and everyone who reads this article to be a leader and mentor to those around you. Whether it be a child, teenager or adult, each and every one of us hasrepparttar 109429 ability to reach out and touch a life that is around us. Be a mentor, a teacher, and a friend. Keep Reaching, Keep Dreaming! Webmasters & Ezine Publishers: Free Content - Pre-Licensed To You... You are invited to use this article in your publication or website. The only stipulation is that you includerepparttar 109430 following information attached to each article used.  Article by Brian L. Pruitt. Visit for FREE articles, "Wealth Building", information, books, and much, much, more.


Homelessness in America

Written by Gerald L. Campbell

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The Language of Freedom

....This language of freedom, when magnified torepparttar world, has traditionally been a key weapon in America’s public diplomacy arsenal and it was exploited beginning in 1985 throughrepparttar 109423 use of modern communications technology on a scale hitherto not possible. .....Complementing this language of freedom was another weapon in America’s public diplomacy arsenal that is rarely discussed, particularly in recent times. Even when it is acknowledged, it is done so grudgingly and with a tinge of cynicism. And yet, without it, no amount of diplomatic persuasion, economic or military capability, communications technology, or international exchange programs could have broughtrepparttar 109424 Cold War to its final ‘bloodless’ disposition. .....Ironically, this ultimate weapon was nothing more than a Fifth Column of freedom-loving individuals, unorganized and undisciplined, but waiting patiently forrepparttar 109425 ‘trumpets to call.’ They manned their posts in every farm, town, and city and in every family, school, and place of worship throughoutrepparttar 109426 Soviet Empire. Each of them, young and old, were waiting forrepparttar 109427 historically appointed moment to answerrepparttar 109428 call that was ‘crying out’ fromrepparttar 109429 depths of their souls — to be free from political oppression. And whenrepparttar 109430 appointed time did come, they acted in spontaneous unison — as though guided from above — formed a community of noble purpose, and decisively challengedrepparttar 109431 evil that for too long had poisoned their souls. This Fifth Column —repparttar 109432 forgotten heroes ofrepparttar 109433 Cold War — dramatically reshapedrepparttar 109434 social, economic, political, moral and spiritual dynamics of an entire world. .....For these reasons alone, no one can rightfully denyrepparttar 109435 success of American foreign policy; it has transformedrepparttar 109436 world in every conceivable way and it has done so forrepparttar 109437 better. But, success always cuts in two directions. In one sense, it signifies an ending; in another, it constitutes a beginning. .....The swift collapse ofrepparttar 109438 Berlin Wall in late 1989 signifiedrepparttar 109439 final outcome of one ofrepparttar 109440 most tragic periods in human history. And, individuals from all corners ofrepparttar 109441 globe rejoiced in wonderment asrepparttar 109442 human spirit emerged triumphant overrepparttar 109443 forces of oppression. Yet, more than mere celebration, this victory also marked a period of closure. For despiterepparttar 109444 existence of such incorrigible tyrannies as China, North Korea, and Cuba, it now appears certain that oppressive regimes are becoming an endangered species in international politics. Indeed, hundreds of millions of individuals ‘yearning to be free’ — and inspired by America’s moral leadership — have already acted to become free and history has made clear that those still oppressed will soon be liberated. .....This is a cause for optimism. And yet,repparttar 109445 fundamental challenge that increasingly confronts America stems not fromrepparttar 109446 fact of political oppression — although that struggle will continue — but fromrepparttar 109447 alienating dynamics of nationalism, tribalism, terrorism, racism, ethnic hatreds, religious conflict, ideological politics, separatism, national self-interest, and unfettered competition acrossrepparttar 109448 broad spectrum of human interchange. These dynamics, more than any others, denoterepparttar 109449 substance of international political life today. CONTINUE TO PART TWO

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Gerald L. Campbell served as senior staff to Members of the U.S. House of Representatives for nine years. He became Senior Advisor to the Director of the United States Information Agency (USIA) under President Ronald Reagan and President George Bush.

Campbell went on to serve the administration of President George Bush and later, he served Texas Governor Bush as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner of Health at the Texas Department of Health in Austin.

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