The Newbie Dilemma

Written by Stephen J. Mikiska

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That folks isrepparttar Newbie Dilemma.

And if you are trapped in this dilemma, then you need to follow what I callrepparttar 117884 "Internet Model".

There are basically four things you need if you are going to make it online inrepparttar 117885 long run:

1. Your own domain - Build traffic for life...sell whatever you want, promote whatever you want by creating entry pages on your domain to your replicated web sites, or for your own unique products.

2. Professional design - Especially your home page. First impression from visitors is simply's great, or it sucks. Your site must be client centered and have prospect capture forms. This allows your visitors to tell you want they want and join your in-house list(s).

3. Listserver - Your in-house list or ezine to communicate your offers, products and services to list members. Follow-up is mandatory.

4. Traffic generating tools - Leverage your time and build a steady flow of thousands of visitors per month to your domain.

Without those four, you are wasting your time and you will not be able to compete withrepparttar 117886 people who are taking those steps.

By following this model, you will haverepparttar 117887 ability to effectively sell or promote whatever products and programs you want.

Plus, your time, effort and energy will never be wasted if something happens beyond your control and one of your affiliate or MLM programs bitesrepparttar 117888 dust.

How many of you have a closet full of skeleton affiliate and replicated web sites? Imagine if all that time you had been routing that traffic to your domain and had built up a mailing list overrepparttar 117889 years and months.

You would probably be doing better right now withrepparttar 117890 most recent program you just joined...if you had been leveraging your traffic generating efforts.

Nowadays, MLM and affiliate programs grow so rapidly because ofrepparttar 117891 nature ofrepparttar 117892 Internet in fostering powerful communication tools..likerepparttar 117893 ezine.

And that rapid growth happens because ofrepparttar 117894 people who are followingrepparttar 117895 model. Whenrepparttar 117896 window of opportunity opened up, they were ready for it and hadrepparttar 117897 means and ability to take MASSIVE action.

Following this model is not an easy task. It will take hard work, determination, an operating budget, a certain level of technical skills, and as much training as needed depending on your level of skills and abilities.

I once had a prospect tell me sarcastically thatrepparttar 117898 only people who make money arerepparttar 117899 ones atrepparttar 117900 top. I replied and asked her "what are you doing to get there?"

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Tips to Grow Your Business

Written by Paulette Ensign

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5. Notice howrepparttar products balance outrepparttar 117883 service side of your business. Products can be a good match for a client's budget when they cannot afford or are not ready to purchase your consulting or speaking services.

6. Plan to introduce at least one or two new informational products a year to expand your business. That allows you to stay in touch with your prospects, clients and former clients each time you launch a new product, all while growing your business.

7. Recycle your knowledge to nurture your clients and to nurture your own business development. Use those resources you already have for everyone's benefit.

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