"The Newbie's Mind Set To Making It Online"

Written by Karl Augustine

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Thee are many challenges forrepparttar newbie andrepparttar 124180 mind set needed to make it online is one unlike any other.

The newbie's mind set should be built around these concepts:

* Understand that this will take time, no matter what type of success stories they read online

* Believe in themselves and startrepparttar 124181 journey withrepparttar 124182 assumption that they will see it through torepparttar 124183 end

* Understand that this isrepparttar 124184 only business that someone can make deep profits even if they have no education and have little money

* Define a clear path from "idea to sale" and realize that flexibility in that path will be key

* Always look at mistakes positively...mistakes must be viewed as learning experiences or tools in their toolbox of success

* Understand that they must be "results driven" enough to utilize other successful people's examples and experiences

* Never give up

* Remember why they started their business inrepparttar 124185 first place when things get tough

* Reflect on how they have personally grown as they get further along

* Crave and dissect lots of information

* Be sensible and realize that things are not what they seem

* Be prudent with all expenditures

* Realize that there will be many time when they have to make a hard decision and that those times demand a well thought out cost benefit analysis of each possibility

* Give to get

* Be humble and work smart

* Realize we're all in this together, there are people who will help

* But most of all,repparttar 124186 newbie's mindset must be optimistic and perseverant. Without optimism and perseverance,repparttar 124187 tough times seems tougher andrepparttar 124188 journey seems longer.

Newbie's should focus onrepparttar 124189 end result as well asrepparttar 124190 path to that end result.

Author, "9 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Starting An Online Business" Publisher, "Starting Smart!" e-zine

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Ezine?

Written by Tim Bossie

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You need a plan. Sit down and think of products you can offer, specials you can offer, or one time deals. The thing you want to do is make sure it's timely, original, and something that people can actually use.

One offer, combined with great information, can create a powerful emotional feeling inrepparttar reader that will always be converted to action... clicking onrepparttar 124179 link to visit your site.

Offering an ebook thatrepparttar 124180 entire Internet already has isn't going to make you any money.

Make it a great offer.

Keep Things Original In order to giverepparttar 124181 subscriber what they want, and make available great offers, it all comes down to planning ahead of time. A responsive, and profitable, ezine is not createdrepparttar 124182 same day it is sent torepparttar 124183 mailing list.

Planning what you want your ezine to accomplish, what type of information you're going to be publishing each week,repparttar 124184 products you're going to offer, and what you're going to do to keep your subscribers coming back.

The major problemrepparttar 124185 majority of ezines today is that they have nothing to keep subscribers wanting to keep receiving them. There is no outlook. No vision.

A great copywriter told me to always be thinking ahead in writing copy. To keeprepparttar 124186 reader wanting to read further downrepparttar 124187 sales letter. The same thing goes with ezine publishing. Create original content, developing 8 to 10 part series is a method you can use, to giverepparttar 124188 reader a reason to want to read your ezine.

Putting It Into Action Here's your chance to transform your ezine. Follow these simple steps and you're assured of a tremendous boost in profits and squeezing out every last drop of potential from your ezine with each issue.

Go ahead and sit down and begin planning out each issue. A good way to do this is with a calendar, or planner, dedicated to your ezine. Planrepparttar 124189 coming week's and month's contents. What article series can you do? Who can you get to write guest articles? What special offers can you put together?

Transformation can sometimes be a life changing experience. Transforming your ezine can be a very profitable experience.

Tim is a 7 year internet advertising veteran who has helped thousands of small, and large, online businesses profit from powerful and creative advertising. Subscribe to his "Marketing Success and Profit" ezine for free tips and articles by going to http://www.guaranteed-ads.com

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