The New Power Of Advertising

Written by Jay Conrad Levinson

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As all guerrillas know,repparttar name ofrepparttar 101063 game in marketing is creating relationships. Itís tough to accomplish this with an ad. Itís pretty easy with a website, which initiates dialogue by inviting it, by making it as easy as clicking a mouse.

Advertising has always been a method designed to change human behavior by getting people to purchase your product or service. The internet has changed that. Now, advertising merely has to deflect human behavior, to divert curiosity from an ad or commercial to a website.

There is little question thatrepparttar 101064 online fire burns brightly. There is no question that advertising fuelsrepparttar 101065 online flame.

Duringrepparttar 101066 telecast of Super Bowl played in l999, I was fairly amazed to see four commercials for dotcom companies. Today, I am even more amazed when I watch a sporting event telecast that does not have a whole gaggle of dotcom commercials.

The big andrepparttar 101067 small players online are learning from hard experience that they are invisible when they are online. Sure, their site might come up from a search engine or a link from a cooperating company, butrepparttar 101068 majority of people get their information offline -- and thatís where guerrillas marketing their sites. Offline and regularly.

Itís true that standard media advertising is interruption marketing, interrupting people in their perusing ofrepparttar 101069 newspaper or magazine, in their viewing of a TV show or listening torepparttar 101070 radio. Interruption marketing is crucial, however, asrepparttar 101071 first step in gaining permission from people to receive your marketing materials. And it is equally crucial in luring them to your website.

The top five products that internet users actually prefer to buy online differ from men to women. The top five to men are computer software, computer hardware, pornography, books and music. The top five to women are computer software, greeting cards, music, books and computer hardware. As Adweek magazine says, women are from Hallmark; men are from Bobís Digital House of Porn.

Many so-called experts believe thatrepparttar 101072 growth ofrepparttar 101073 internet signalsrepparttar 101074 demise of advertising. This particular expert believes justrepparttar 101075 opposite. Advertising now can loom as important as ever, as necessary as ever, and more mandatory for a proper marketing mix than at any time in history.

The largerrepparttar 101076 internet grows,repparttar 101077 more importantrepparttar 101078 role of advertising andrepparttar 101079 greater its power. Advertisers must no longer have to move a person from total apathy to purchase readiness with their advertising. Now, all they have to do is move a person from total apathy to mild curiosity. From that point, moving that person to purchase readiness isrepparttar 101080 job ofrepparttar 101081 website. ==========================

Jay Conrad Levinson is probablyrepparttar 101082 most respected marketer inrepparttar 101083 world. He isrepparttar 101084 inventor of "Guerrilla Marketing" and is responsible for some ofrepparttar 101085 most outrageous marketing campaigns in history -- includingrepparttar 101086 "Marlboro Man" --repparttar 101087 most successful ad campaign in history. In his latest book, "Put Your Internet Marketing on Steroids" Jay reveals how you can use marketing steroids legally to make your business insanely profitable. k_mos.cgi?mosyg1

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What Killed the Banner Ad?

Written by Lauri Harpf

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Don't camoflague your banners =============================

Many banners co-exist in harmony withrepparttar design ofrepparttar 101062 site they are displayed on. While this makesrepparttar 101063 site look better, it also prevents anyone from noticing whatrepparttar 101064 poor advertiser is trying to say. Instead of allowing your banners to fade intorepparttar 101065 background, do everything possible so that they will stand out. Make it clear that your banner is something that should be clicked, not merely stared at.

In practice, this goal can be achieved by utilizing Windows-style navigational elements, notes instructing users to "click here" and colors that contrast with those used onrepparttar 101066 site. The result won't look like something you'd want to frame and hang on your wall, but it will be effective.

Easy withrepparttar 101067 graphics ======================

Pictures of attractive persons or tropical islands may be nice to look at, but they also increaserepparttar 101068 time it takes for your banner to load. If your banner is placed nearrepparttar 101069 top ofrepparttar 101070 page and doesn't appear instantly,repparttar 101071 audience will scroll downrepparttar 101072 page and never see it. Images also take up quite a bit of space and may force you to limitrepparttar 101073 amount orrepparttar 101074 size ofrepparttar 101075 text used inrepparttar 101076 banner.

A good rule of thumb is that unlessrepparttar 101077 picture is somehow essential in convincingrepparttar 101078 user to click, drop it. When advertising a sweepstakes, adding a picture of a pile of cash can feel like a good idea. However, in many cases a text screaming "WIN $10.000" would be just as effective and would load up much, much faster.

Cut torepparttar 101079 chase ================

Banners are not TV commercials. You'll have to continuously fight to getrepparttar 101080 attention of your audience and you'll also need to fight to retain it. Long-winded advertisements that take ten seconds before even mentioning what is being advertised may work on TV, but not onrepparttar 101081 Internet.

Following these instructions, which essentially tell you to create banners that look simple and perhaps even a bit unprofessional might seem foolish. But simple, straight-forward banners that stand out get clicked on.

Banner advertising is not a beauty contest. It's a selling contest. Atrepparttar 101082 end ofrepparttar 101083 day, what matters is whether your banners helped you make a profit, not how cool they looked.

Lauri Harpf runs the A Promotion Guide website, where he offers free tips on how you can use banners, search engines and other methods to promote your site. His site can be found at

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