The New Google Ad Links

Written by Subhendu Sen

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Now, I have placed Ad Links code just aboverepparttar top of my left panel menu bar. Google currently displays 5 related keywords torepparttar 131531 page : Engagement Ring, Carat Diamond, Ideal Diamonds, Gia Diamond and Gem Stone Ring. Each of repparttar 131532 keywords are clickable.

Through these links, I get access to : 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 4 = TOTAL 44 Adsense Ads! (atrepparttar 131533 time of writing this article)

In case, Google does not find related keywords for a page, it displays a tiny search box. Visitors can put any keyword of their choice, and Google shows all Adsense Ads related torepparttar 131534 keyword searched for!

Isn't it incredible? ...that too without disturbing visitors? Actually, it helps visitors, because they always look for links related torepparttar 131535 subject they have come to our sites for.

The main advantage of Google Ad Links are that, they are displayed just like we display vertical menu—one link each line. Though Ad Links code displays "Ad Links by Google" boldly, but it gives a look of being a part of your vertical menu. And that's definitely a great advantage.

To add Ad Links to your page, please followrepparttar 131536 instructions below :

1. Log on to your Adsense account

2. Click on "Ad Settings"

3. Selectrepparttar 131537 Radio Button which says : "Ad Links Units".

4. Select 4 or 5 links per ad links unit fromrepparttar 131538 drop down menu

5. Select Ad layout options : 120x90, 160x90, 180x90 or 200x90 depending upon your page layout.

6. If you have saved custom Color Palettes, selectrepparttar 131539 palette of your choice.

7. Copy-pasterepparttar 131540 Ad Links code fromrepparttar 131541 textarea box and place it to your web site in desired place

That's all! But remember that you can place only one Ad Links code in a page. If you put more than one, others will not generate any link.

If you are an Adsense publisher, there is no reason why you will not add Ad Links to your page.

What do you think?

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Identity Theft: The road back

Written by Daryl Campbell

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This also requires knowing your rights. According torepparttar Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1992, you must be told not only what's in your file but if that information is being used against you. The Federal Trade Commission recently expandedrepparttar 131529 rights available to victims of identity theft including your right to get negative information due to fraud blocked from your records.

Stay Away from "credit repair "companies". No matter what they advertise, there's usually nothing they can do to help you with identity theft. Some of them even offer to help you apply for credit under a new identity. Hello? When trying to eliminate fraud from your record you don't want to create more fraud!

Adviserepparttar 131530 utility companies. Many identity thieves open telephone accounts, purchase cable television or establish credit withrepparttar 131531 gas & electric companies. It's not just bank accounts and credit cards.

If necessary get counseling. Identity theft can be a shattering experience not just economically but emotionally. Many victims feel ashamed and humiliated. It's not their fault of course butrepparttar 131532 feelings remain. A network of support groups and counselors exists if you need it.

The road back from identity theft can take time, money, and cause much stress and pain . But with follow up, support and belief thatrepparttar 131533 nightmare will end...the nightmare WILL end.

==================================== Don't go it alone. Get free information concerning identity theft protection, 24/7 monitoring and fast restoration. Go to now.

Daryl Campbell owns and operates a home based company that helps people build and protect their internet business.

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