The New Edition of WebPosition Gold 2 is Finally Here!

Written by Robin Nobles

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Here's a neat new feature: Page Critic will now check your link popularity for whichever engine you're working with. Under Settings, checkrepparttar box that says "Check Link Popularity." You'll then see a section aboverepparttar 128033 General Suggestions that gives your link popularity for your site, and where you can also checkrepparttar 128034 link popularity on competing sites, all from withinrepparttar 128035 program.

Upload Manager

Upload Manager tracks any pages generated by Gold and uploads them, or other pages that may have changed since your last upload. Upload Manager will uploadrepparttar 128036 pages for you, or you can use your own FTP program.


To me, Submitter is a great program to use forrepparttar 128037 international engines or lesser important engines that don't have pay inclusion programs. You can pick and choose which engines to submit to, and if you try to submit too many pages on any one day,repparttar 128038 program will quickly remind you to keep you out of trouble.

A neat new feature of this program is its built-in spider for quickly gathering URLs. The new Import option will spider a Web site and create a list of allrepparttar 128039 URLs, even ifrepparttar 128040 files do not exist on your hard drive. This feature certainly makes submitting an entire Web site quite easy.

Submitter also allows you to add custom engines that aren't included in Gold 2, so you can keep track of your submissions all in one location.

Traffic Analyzer

HitsLink powers Gold 2's Traffic Analyzer, and it will track statistics such as visitors, search engines, andrepparttar 128041 keywords being used to find your site. The feature is easy to use - you simply register, and HitsLink generatesrepparttar 128042 code for you to put on any page that you want to track. Stats are provided instantly and in real time.


Program Scheduler to run your reports or submit pages at a time that's convenient for you, like at night during non-working hours.

Did you know there's a brand new book out on how to use WebPosition Gold 2?

Search Engine Optimization with WebPosition Gold 2, written by Brad Konia, is an excellent step-by-step guide in how to use WebPosition Gold 2. The book is now available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I hadrepparttar 128043 opportunity to reviewrepparttar 128044 book and found it to provide superb information on how torepparttar 128045 userepparttar 128046 program as well as SEO strategies in general.

Brad has also developed a new video tutorial for using Gold 2, which is available as both a download or on CD-ROM. The video is available on Brad's Web site:

In Conclusion

I really like what FirstPlace has done with this new version of Gold ( As inrepparttar 128047 past, WebPosition Gold will remain one of my favorite and most used programs in my arsenal of search engine marketing software.

For a listing ofrepparttar 128048 new features of WebPosition Gold 2, visit:

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Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing ( training programs. She also teaches 3-day hands-on search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe with Search Engine Workshops (

Search Engine Marketing 101: What Search Engines See When They Visit Your Site

Written by Robin Nobles

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Now, let's go back torepparttar source code. Look for this tag, which isn't far fromrepparttar 128032 tag:

search engine seminars, search engine conferences, search engine workshops

This isrepparttar 128033 image, or graphics, tag forrepparttar 128034 Search Engine Workshops banner that appears atrepparttar 128035 very top ofrepparttar 128036 page. Notice thatrepparttar 128037 engine doesn't "see"repparttar 128038 graphic itself. It seesrepparttar 128039 name ofrepparttar 128040 graphic (banner3.jpg), and it seesrepparttar 128041 ALT text that describesrepparttar 128042 image. It seesrepparttar 128043 width and height ofrepparttar 128044 graphic. But, it doesn't seerepparttar 128045 graphic itself. So,repparttar 128046 engine doesn't know thatrepparttar 128047 graphic says, "Search Engine Workshops."

Next, look for this tag, which directly followsrepparttar 128048 image tag:

Search Engine Seminars


tag is a heading tag, and heading tags are very important to a Web page. Try to put a heading tag atrepparttar 128049 very top of your page, if at all possible, and use your important keyword phrase in that heading tag. When you look back at my actual Web page, do you seerepparttar 128050 words "Search Engine Seminars" right underrepparttar 128051 graphic? That'srepparttar 128052 heading tag.

Now, look for this tag inrepparttar 128053 source code:

Is your Web site achievingrepparttar 128054 success that . . .

This is whererepparttar 128055 contents ofrepparttar 128056 Web page begin. Look onrepparttar 128057 actual Web page and findrepparttar 128058 text: "Is your Web site achievingrepparttar 128059 success that . . ." Notice thatrepparttar 128060 keyword phrase (search engine seminars) appears inrepparttar 128061 first paragraph.

In other words, with all of these tags andrepparttar 128062 placement of our keyword phrase inrepparttar 128063 page's contents, we're proving torepparttar 128064 engines thatrepparttar 128065 page is really about "search engine seminars."

So, let's visit your site onrepparttar 128066 Web. Viewrepparttar 128067 source code. What's inrepparttar 128068 section? Are your title and description tags usingrepparttar 128069 keyword phrase that's important for that particular page? Are your title and description tags captivating and designed to pull in traffic? Each page of your site should have different title and description tags, and those tags should be based onrepparttar 128070 focus of that page - what that page is really about: in other words, its keyword phrase.

How many graphics do you have beforerepparttar 128071 actual contents of your site? If you have a lot of graphics, navigation bars, or buttons beforerepparttar 128072 contents of your page,repparttar 128073 engine has to sort through all of that source code before it gets torepparttar 128074 actual keyword- containing content.

Does your page contain lengthy JavaScript or other code that pushesrepparttar 128075 important contents towardrepparttar 128076 bottom ofrepparttar 128077 page? If so, it could be hindering your chances at top rankings.

Are you using a heading tag that contains your important keyword phrase towardrepparttar 128078 very top of your page? Is your keyword phrase used inrepparttar 128079 first paragraph ofrepparttar 128080 page? Is it used in several places throughoutrepparttar 128081 page?

Look back at my page. Notice thatrepparttar 128082 keyword phrase, search engine seminars, is used as link text to describe several links. Are you using your keyword phrase to describe links that are leavingrepparttar 128083 page? If not, try to do so.

Study your own site carefully, and apply these guidelines to your pages.

Doing whatever you can to push your important keyword phrase towardrepparttar 128084 top ofrepparttar 128085 page and towardrepparttar 128086 beginning of your tags isrepparttar 128087 first step toward having a successful Web site that's ranked inrepparttar 128088 top ofrepparttar 128089 search engine rankings.

If you would like to learn more about how to achieve top search engine rankings, visit:

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Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing ( training programs. She also teaches 3-day hands-on search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe with Search Engine Workshops (

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