The New EZRip Makes Drywall Scoring Easy!

Written by Richard S. Deboi

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for 10 drywall blades. And, whilerepparttar EZRip measures only 24 inches in length, it can rip up to 12 feet of drywall. You can choose from four scales, allowing you to measure offrepparttar 100188 amount you keep orrepparttar 100189 amount you cut. Oncerepparttar 100190 measurement has been set,repparttar 100191 EZRip can be quickly drawn acrossrepparttar 100192 drywall panel for a clean, accurate cut.

The use of EZRip is not strictly reserved for drywall professionals, general contractors, or skilled carpenters. It can also round-outrepparttar 100193 preferred tool box ofrepparttar 100194 home owner and "do-it-yourselfer," by aiding inrepparttar 100195 most ambitious remodeling job. For additional information visit

Richard Deboi, CEO of the EZRip Drywall Tool Company

Ever Wonder What Rustic Really Means?

Written by Pat Stelzer

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Using rustic pieces adds warmth and individuality to every conceivable decorative style. A touch of humor or a reminder ofrepparttar important things in life can give heart to any room, any home. Rustic can be used with contemporary, country, classic, and art deco. Chances are, rustic decorating will add charm and uniqueness to any style. People are drawn to certain styles, and there is something rustic to fit them all. Have fun with it. Incorporate those rustic touches to put an individual signature on a home. Knowrepparttar 100187 style that createsrepparttar 100188 desired ambience, but donít shy away from those things called rustic simply becauserepparttar 100189 term doesnít seem to fit. Terminology isnít important,repparttar 100190 result, an inviting home, should berepparttar 100191 end goal.

Pat Stelzer is a former writer, columnist, reporter, and retired school teacher, currently an adjunct instructor at a community college. She has a long running interest in home decorating and in rustic or folk art pieces, her own 175-year-old home a veritable collection of many types of Americana and folk art.

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