The New Drug Recall Lawyers

Written by Richard Martin

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Bothrepparttar number of potential Vioxx plaintiffs and award amounts ofrepparttar 119224 lawsuits are projected to be extremely large. The investment bank S.G. Cowan recently estimated that eventually more than 600,000 plaintiffs could file suit inrepparttar 119225 Vioxx case. Furthermore, some investment banks think that plaintiffs may file for more than $10Billion in damages in years to come. Evenrepparttar 119226 national TV networks have coveredrepparttar 119227 Vioxx withdrawal. A November 2004 story onrepparttar 119228 Vioxx withdrawal appeared on CBS News' 60 Minutes. The CBS story implied thatrepparttar 119229 US Justice Department is conducting an investigation andrepparttar 119230 Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into Merck's conduct. Givenrepparttar 119231 media coverage ofrepparttar 119232 Vioxx withdrawal andrepparttar 119233 number of people who were prescribed Vioxx, there may be many new “Drug Recall Firms” founded in years to come. ______ You may reproduce this article on your website. We would appreciate a link back to our site which hasVioxx articles and personal injury resources. This article may not be altered and links should be kept live. Thanks.

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The Polygraph As A Truth Detector

Written by William Trevino

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The background

The polygraph procedure and machine is an accretion of 1930s technology and popularized psychology rooted not in practices of modern science, but rather based onrepparttar traditions of polygraph testing itself. In that sense, a polygraph examination is a self-fulfilling process, "measuring" a series of physical signs withoutrepparttar 119223 machine and drawing subjective, psychological sounding conclusions in varying ways depending uponrepparttar 119224 mental state and set and training of each, andrepparttar 119225 rapport between both,repparttar 119226 examination subject andrepparttar 119227 examiner. The result of this exercise, associative ofrepparttar 119228 monitoring machines of Scientology, is a series of conclusions aboutrepparttar 119229 veracity of specific statements or guilt generally, conclusions unsupportable by consistent scientific logic or by confirmation by other means. In fact, there is convincing evidence to suggest thatrepparttar 119230 procedure is much more likely to create victims of false allegation than it is likely to detect purveyors of falsehood or paragons of guilt-however falsehood or guilt may be defined. The statistical illustration atrepparttar 119231 end ofrepparttar 119232 paper provides an illustration of this phenomenon. To readrepparttar 119233 rest of this articel go to

Retired air force master sergeant who now offers help to discredit the polygraph machine.

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