The New Dot-Biz TLD compared to Dot-Com

Written by Kevin Clune

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This means two things: first, many very lucrative names will not be available for entrepreneurs to buy, and second that companies will not invest very much money to market their dot-biz extensions. Consequentlyrepparttar dot-com extension will not receive anywhere nearrepparttar 108315 amount of marketing attention that went into promotingrepparttar 108316 dot-com TLD (don't expectrepparttar 108317 Super Bowl in 2002 to be for dot-biz what it was for dot-com in 1999!). Without this push,repparttar 108318 dot-biz extension will probably remain inrepparttar 108319 background.

So it looks likerepparttar 108320 dot-com TLD will likely berepparttar 108321 market leader for repparttar 108322 foreseeable future. But while many of "the best" dot-com names are already registered, many are not being used. A recent study shows that as much as half ofrepparttar 108323 registered domain names are not in use. The domain market will therefore center around trading names withrepparttar 108324 dot-com extension that have already been registered on markets like, or Here buyers and sellers of already- registered names can connect with one another to utilize their valuable dot-com domains.

But whilerepparttar 108325 dot-biz extension will not eclipse dot-com, it definitely will have an important secondary role as a cheaper and more accessible alternative to dot-com. Just don't think that to fetchrepparttar 108326 $7.5 million that its dot-com predecessor did anytime soon.

Kevin Clune is the Country Manager for the US, UK and Ireland at Sedo GmbH ( Sedo is the leading European domain exchange with over 250,000 unique visitors to its German, English, French, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch Sites.

Have you got your domain names covered?

Written by Gim Yeap

Continued from page 1 Or you can try this service at mmonitoring.htm that helps track your domain name for possible threats. The service generates a free monthly report on your domain name and gives suggestions of high-risk domain names to register. It also has a feature that can tell you if anyone is trademarking a name that's similar to your domain name. What happens if there's already somebody else with a similar name? The best thing to do is to co-exist with this other site. Most ofrepparttar time, whenever someone registers a similar domain name, it's done completely innocently. For example, our site at started receiving emails from visitors saying that they couldn't get into their accounts using their username and passwords. A quick check in our databases revealed that these visitors were not our site's members but members of a site called This site pays people for viewing ads while our site is a global exchange for people looking for paying web ads to place on their websites. Our businesses are different so it was obvious that payingad was not trying to usurp our users. So we're content to just leave things as they are. However, we still get user complaints on our site mistaking us forrepparttar 108314 other site, typically around 2 to 4 a day. If you find yourself in this situation, deal with it carefully. Though some ofrepparttar 108315 emails can get quite irate, remember to always be courteous and take time to clarifyrepparttar 108316 situation to them. It's bad enough that they keep getting "Invalid password/username" messages whenever they try to log on even when they're certain it'srepparttar 108317 right password or username. It's like being told you have brown eyes when you know your eyes are blue. Politely explain that there is a site of a similar name and direct them there. Also, explain more about your own site as they might also be interested in your own services. Who knows, you might even come away with a few more new visitors to your site.

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