The New Coin Price Guides are Worth the Money

Written by RD Lancaster

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Both ofrepparttar BlackBooks have new 2006 editions out as well. The Official BlackBook Price Guide to US Paper Money andrepparttar 148049 Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Coins by Thomas E. Hudgeons Jr. were released on June 7, 2005. The BlackBooks are smaller and done entirely in black and white. But they are also cheaper thanrepparttar 148050 RedBook and contain most ofrepparttar 148051 informationrepparttar 148052 RedBook does. At $6.99 and $7.99 respectively they are worth their money in valuing your collection.

Whether you chooserepparttar 148053 RedBook orrepparttar 148054 BlackBook or like me both, I strongly urge you to purchase at least one. The coin market has gained in value tremendously sincerepparttar 148055 US State Quarter program started in 1999. The millions of new collectors gained fromrepparttar 148056 State Quarter program has drivenrepparttar 148057 prices up on coins in general. To make sure you don't sell or under value your collection it is essential that you stay up on current market prices. I also recommend that collectors subscribe to a monthly or quarterly coin magazine for this reason as well but more on this later.

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How to Make A Bra

Written by Janice Wee

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Sliprepparttar ribbon that is to berepparttar 148019 bra band through both triangles right atrepparttar 148020 fold.

Sew togetherrepparttar 148021 tips ofrepparttar 148022 2 triangles, where they touch. so you haverepparttar 148023 shape of a bikini top or front ofrepparttar 148024 bra.

Sewrepparttar 148025 ribbon in place.

Sewrepparttar 148026 bra strap ribbons securely behindrepparttar 148027 top of each triangle.

Put onrepparttar 148028 bra and tierepparttar 148029 ribbon around your torso to secure it.

Takerepparttar 148030 bra strap ribbons fromrepparttar 148031 top ofrepparttar 148032 triangles and bring them to your back to touchrepparttar 148033 torso ribbon. Use a pencil to make a mark on allrepparttar 148034 ribbons where they touch. Take offrepparttar 148035 bra and sewrepparttar 148036 bra straps in place.

Now try onrepparttar 148037 bra again to seerepparttar 148038 fit. Ifrepparttar 148039 fit is not right, mark whererepparttar 148040 ribbons should join with a pencil. Unpick your work and sewrepparttar 148041 ribbons in place again.

Have fun. But you can buy bras you actually need online instead at

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