The Never Ending Work to Get Traffic to Your Website

Written by Francisco Aloy

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c) Once you have your website URL indexed, you must establish relevance for a number of phrases. To read a more in depth treatment of this subject, see my article, here:

d) Write articles and distribute them to allrepparttar online publishers that will accept them. The good thing about distributing articles is that you'll get to reach so many more people that will have an interest on your subject matter. Make sure you provide a link back to your website inrepparttar 131586 resource box.

e) Explore allrepparttar 131587 other ways of promoting your website. There are traffic exchange programs, business cards, word of mouth, Google AdWords, ad networks, linking to relevant websites, etc, etc I would advise to stay away from FFA (Free for All) and Safelist advertising. If you use them, do it only to get contacts, not necessarily to sell. Setup special email accounts forrepparttar 131588 avalanche of incoming emails.

f) Schedule your time and do each promotion activity on a weekly basis. You must sleep, eat, think, dream, and live to promote your website. Cary your business cards with you and pass them around. Develop contacts and relationships and nurture them, join any online or offline groups that are related to your website.

If you are realistic and keep at it, you'll see results. It won't happen overnight, itís more like a steady trickle that will grow. From everything I've read it appears most websites take about 9 months to a year to start producing an income. The one constant will be your dedication and commitment to make it happen. Keep plucking at it andrepparttar 131589 Internet horn of plenty will deliver.

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Why Google and Yahoo will eventually lose.

Written by Ratliff J

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5. People who are looking to buy prescription drugs will soon learn to use a different search engine besides Yahoo and Google. Therefore, advertisers will simply move to those search engines that do allow them.

The problem of course isrepparttar stronghold thatrepparttar 131582 drug makers have on us Americans. If rx drugs were as cheap here as they are everywhere else inrepparttar 131583 world, nobody would be usingrepparttar 131584 Internet to order them from a different country.

Of course, untilrepparttar 131585 lawmakers quit lining their pockets with money fromrepparttar 131586 drugmakers, this policy will not change, and some people will continue to buy prescription drugs online. Sadly,repparttar 131587 rest, mostly senior citizens, will simple have to choose between food and drugs.

I am not saying you should order drugs from a different country, but for some people that isrepparttar 131588 only way they can afford them, and that is shameful.

For a licensed pharmacy example, see Drug Review.

J. Ratliff is an avid article writer and website developer.

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