The Net Can Be a Lonely Place

Written by John Calder

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This problem doesn't apply just to marketers - anyone who works exclusively from home may run into this problem too. Andrepparttar need for direct contact can be particularly important when there are problems, whether business-related or in other areas of life. A bad situation can spiral downward into a much worse situation if you don't have a means of emotional support during those times. Even marketers with spouses or partners can run into this, if they don't receiverepparttar 126375 needed support at home.

The key is to learn ways to deal with potential isolation and loneliness. It's best if you can create routines and rules for yourself fromrepparttar 126376 very beginning, but if not, it's never too late to change. You should try to get some exercise every day, even a brief walk will do wonders. And trite as it sounds, eat well-balanced meals and try to avoid unhealthy snacking. Long hours sitting in front ofrepparttar 126377 computer need to be countered with movement and a break for your eyes.

Beyond that, see if you can find a group of people that meet regularly. Whether at or through a church, continuing education, a local networking or mastermind group, even volunteer work through civic and charitable organizations, try to find something that interests you, and gets you around happy, positive people.

When working at home alone for long periods of time, it's all too easy to focus inward on ourselves, our business, and our problems. Try to find a way to be around and possibly serve others regularly, in person, to counter that, and you'll be both a better marketer and a better person.

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What is Color?

Written by Robert Kennedy

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We see colorless or white light when our receptors are stimulated equally. Color then is a sensation resulting from light energy impinging on receptors in our eyes which our brain interprets as being various combinations of red, blue and green.

Fromrepparttar foreground it can be seen depending uponrepparttar 126374 quantity of light andrepparttar 126375 quality of light available torepparttar 126376 viewer. Without any light there is no visual perception at all, let alone of color. (It doesn't take many moments in a pitch black room to prove this to ourselves, or when we see brilliant colors fade to a neutral gray and finally disappear as light diminishes from daylight to dusk to darkness.) Variation inrepparttar 126377 quality of light influences our perception of color, too. (Have you ever bought a suit that appeared to be of one shade under store lighting but out inrepparttar 126378 street?)

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