The Nature of Christian Deception - From Recognizing Deception and Apostasy

Written by Dene McGriff

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Two errors make prophecy of little importance to Christians. First,repparttar dispensational approach believed that sincerepparttar 146631 church raptures atrepparttar 146632 beginning ofrepparttar 146633 tribulation, it is not even present duringrepparttar 146634 final seven year period. The second is preterism, currently promoted byrepparttar 146635 Bible Answer Man (Hank Hannegraff), which says that Revelation was written before 70 AD and all prophecy has been fulfilled. Both extremes tend to negaterepparttar 146636 importance of prophecy.

When Willrepparttar 146637 End Come?

Although Christians down throughrepparttar 146638 ages thought their generation might be “the one”, there are two major events that signalrepparttar 146639 "beginning ofrepparttar 146640 end”. The end cannot come until these two things occur. One relates torepparttar 146641 restoration ofrepparttar 146642 nation of Israel andrepparttar 146643 other relates torepparttar 146644 rise of a nation that dominatesrepparttar 146645 earth like none other in history--a young nation that comes out ofrepparttar 146646 Western Christian world and dominatesrepparttar 146647 entire world (the eleventh horn).

The Bible clearly foretells many times inrepparttar 146648 Old Testamentrepparttar 146649 scattering ofrepparttar 146650 Jews throughoutrepparttar 146651 world and their gathering in atrepparttar 146652 end of days just beforerepparttar 146653 Messiah’s reign. In 1948repparttar 146654 nation of Israel was restored, with Jerusalem being captured in 1967.....

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When A Good Man Becomes A “God-Man”

Written by Doug Krieger

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Here was one whose title as Pontiff (“The Bridge”) demonstrated Rome’s determination to gather her wandering chicks beneath her wings; and, even sought to uniterepparttar world’s disparate religions under Rome’s ecumenical umbrella, alleging that diversity of faith could be tolerated and understood inrepparttar 146630 context ofrepparttar 146631 Lord’s high priestly prayer found in John 17. Listen to John Paul II’s convincing exhortations:

“There I stated that believers in Christ, united in following inrepparttar 146632 footsteps ofrepparttar 146633 martyrs, cannot remain divided. If they wish truly and effectively to opposerepparttar 146634 world's tendency to reduce to powerlessnessrepparttar 146635 Mystery of Redemption, they must profess togetherrepparttar 146636 same truth aboutrepparttar 146637 Cross. The Cross! An anti-Christian outlook seeks to minimizerepparttar 146638 Cross, to empty it of its meaning, and to deny that in it man hasrepparttar 146639 source of his new life. It claims thatrepparttar 146640 Cross is unable to provide either vision or hope. Man, it says, is nothing but an earthly being, who must live as if God did not exist.

“Withrepparttar 146641 grace ofrepparttar 146642 Holy Spirit,repparttar 146643 Lord's disciples, inspired by love, byrepparttar 146644 power ofrepparttar 146645 truth and by a sincere desire for mutual forgiveness and reconciliation, are called to re-examine together their painful past andrepparttar 146646 hurt which that past regrettably continues to provoke even today. All together, they are invited byrepparttar 146647 ever fresh power ofrepparttar 146648 Gospel to acknowledge with sincere and total objectivityrepparttar 146649 mistakes made andrepparttar 146650 contingent factors at work atrepparttar 146651 origins of their deplorable divisions. What is needed is a calm, clear-sighted and truthful vision of things, a vision enlivened by divine mercy and capable of freeing people's minds and of inspiring in everyone a renewed willingness, precisely with a view to proclaimingrepparttar 146652 Gospel torepparttar 146653 men and women of every people and nation.” (Ut Unum Sint)

Toward Pope John Paul II’s conclusion and final exhortation he implores:

“When I say that for me, as Bishop of Rome,repparttar 146654 ecumenical task is ‘one ofrepparttar 146655 pastoral priorities’ of my Pontificate, I think ofrepparttar 146656 grave obstacle whichrepparttar 146657 lack of unity represents forrepparttar 146658 proclamation ofrepparttar 146659 Gospel. A Christian Community which believes in Christ and desires, with Gospel fervor,repparttar 146660 salvation of mankind can hardly be closed torepparttar 146661 promptings ofrepparttar 146662 Holy Spirit, who leads all Christians towards full and visible unity. Here an imperative of charity is in question, an imperative which admits of no exception. Ecumenism is not only an internal question ofrepparttar 146663 Christian Communities. It is a matter ofrepparttar 146664 love which God has in Jesus Christ for all humanity; to stand inrepparttar 146665 way of this love is an offence against him and against his plan to gather all people in Christ. As Pope Paul VI wrote torepparttar 146666 Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I: ‘Mayrepparttar 146667 Holy Spirit guide us alongrepparttar 146668 way of reconciliation, so thatrepparttar 146669 unity of our Churches may become an ever more radiant sign of hope and consolation for all mankind.’” (My Emphasis)

I present this material to demonstraterepparttar 146670 intensity andrepparttar 146671 irrevocable commitment thatrepparttar 146672 Roman Catholic Church, throughrepparttar 146673 efforts of Pope John Paul II, has towardrepparttar 146674 ultimate “unity” of all believers who claimrepparttar 146675 Christian label and towardsrepparttar 146676 “outward manifestation ofrepparttar 146677 Kingdom of God” here on earth.

Thus,repparttar 146678 death of Pope John Paul II, and his drive to uniterepparttar 146679 world’s religions (especiallyrepparttar 146680 “Christian religion”) could be summed up in these remarks:

“John Paul II ushered in ‘the globalization of religion,’ said John Esposito, founding director ofrepparttar 146681 Georgetown University Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding in Washington. ‘He increased exponentiallyrepparttar 146682 dialogue with . . . people of all faiths.’” (Louis Meixler,repparttar 146683 Buffalo News, April 8, 2005, Unprecedented Number of Faiths Drawn to Funeral)

Thus, before us this past week wasrepparttar 146684 death and burial ofrepparttar 146685 world’s greatest religious proponent of ecumenism—ecumenism on a scale heretofore unknown withinrepparttar 146686 confines of Christendom andrepparttar 146687 greater religious communities ofrepparttar 146688 planet. His universal, Catholic legacy abides . . .repparttar 146689 perpetuation on behalf of “manifested Christian unity” andrepparttar 146690 embrace of all who affirm faith—even outsiderepparttar 146691 bounds of Christianity!

In The Later Times . . . Some Will Apostatize

“Butrepparttar 146692 Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away fromrepparttar 146693 faith (i.e., “Apostatize”), paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, by means ofrepparttar 146694 hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods, which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and knowrepparttar 146695 truth” (I Timothy 4:1-3).

We initiated this conversation by quoting passages fromrepparttar 146696 Revelation,....

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