The Nature of Anger

Written by Kevin B. Burk, Author of The Relationship Handbook

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respected by others. When someone crosses a boundary, that expectation has not been met. The first thing we do is grieve repparttar death ofrepparttar 122239 expectation that other people will respect our boundaries. We feel unsafe because our boundary has been violated. But we also experience fear. We're afraid that things will never change: that our boundaries will not protect us because other people will not honor them. Our anger, however, is what allows us to change this. Our anger gives usrepparttar 122240 strength to defend ourselves. Our anger gives usrepparttar 122241 power andrepparttar 122242 courage to stand up and demand that our boundaries be respected. Our anger, in fact, enables us to feel safe again. Expressing our anger helps us to redefine and reinforce our boundaries. We know we can defend ourselves, and therefore we feel safe.

When we don't express our anger in healthy, conscious ways, we buy intorepparttar 122243 fear that things will never change. We feel unsafe. More importantly, we expect that we will always feel unsafe. Unexpressed anger inevitably turns to resentment and depression.

Anger is our call to awareness. Our anger encourages us to become conscious of a limiting belief. The key to experiencing anger in a healing way is to own our anger. We can then choose how to express our anger. We do not need to lash out, nor do we need to hurt anyone with our anger. Instead, we can choose to alter our thinking, changerepparttar 122244 limiting belief, and reclaim another piece of our true selves. When we embrace and understand repparttar 122245 true nature of anger, anger can empower us, and help us to feel truly safe.

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Ghost Story - Investigating The Old Agnews Hospital

Written by Gloria Young

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We opted forrepparttar left side first. We walked halfway downrepparttar 122238 hall and heard a few noises, we all stopped dead in our tracks. It was nothing. The creaks and groans of an old building. We walked allrepparttar 122239 way torepparttar 122240 end without anything further happening.We just started to make our way downrepparttar 122241 right side ofrepparttar 122242 hallway. This floor had to have about 28 rooms on this floor, 14 torepparttar 122243 left and 14 torepparttar 122244 right. Allrepparttar 122245 rooms were various sizes from small patient rooms to larger, perhaps office-type rooms. Some had bathrooms, some didn't. As we approached what was mayberepparttar 122246 third room on this right side ofrepparttar 122247 hallway, one investigator went into a room and immediately came back out and told us of a cold spot. We had two more people go in with him andrepparttar 122248 rest stayed inrepparttar 122249 hall. In this area,repparttar 122250 hair onrepparttar 122251 back of my neck stood up,repparttar 122252 girl next to me told me she was getting really cold and then we looked acrossrepparttar 122253 hall to see and hearrepparttar 122254 remnants of a door slam shut. The people inrepparttar 122255 room came out quickly and asked what that was. We told themrepparttar 122256 door behind us just slammed shut. They said it was really cold in that room and that they felt like they were being watched. We switched places with them and indeedrepparttar 122257 room was cold, very cold. We all took readings and pictures and video. After a few more minutes of waiting we decided that since there was nothing further inrepparttar 122258 hall or in that room we would continue on. We completed that floor and ascended torepparttar 122259 third floor. There was nothing up there. It was as quiet asrepparttar 122260 first floor. There was just a bunch of old rooms with boxes and papers and dirt all around. We decided to make our way down torepparttar 122261 first floor.As we passed throughrepparttar 122262 second floor, two people decided to detour intorepparttar 122263 cold room we were in earlier and discovered it was no longer cold. The door that had slammed shut earlier was now open again. As we descendedrepparttar 122264 second floor, one person told us to stop and we did. You could tell she was straining to hear something, even turning her head toward whatever she was listening to. The rest of us didn't hear anything. She said she couldn't make out what it was but she heard a faint voice.We all went home that night knowing that this wasrepparttar 122265 last time we would be able to go through this old convalescent hospital because in two weeksrepparttar 122266 building would be gone for good. They were going to put up a Sun Microsystems campus on that very spot. We wondered what would become ofrepparttar 122267 people left behind...the old man calling out for his nurse,repparttar 122268 woman calling out for someone to 'come here' andrepparttar 122269 other things that were happening on that floor. We checked and double-checked our readings, pictures and video from that evening. We did catch pictures of orbs and although we feel we did catch EVP from one room that night, it is very, very difficult to hear. Our thoughts still wander to that night and wonder if those people are now wanderingrepparttar 122270 halls of Sun Microsystems. We felt that this was one of those places that we would have loved to go into again and to research it differently. We feel very lucky to have had that opportunity and one day we will contact Sun Microsystems and see what is happening onrepparttar 122271 second floor these days.

Gloria Young has been a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator for over 10 years. She has dedicated her life to researching paranormal activity. She has written, "Faces of a Ghost Hunter" as well as three other books. She founded the paranormal research group, "Ghost Trackers". She has co-produced two documentaries on ghost hunting. (

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