The NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) Theory

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI, MRI

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Theorem 6 : The spatial illusion (to individual non-spatial minds, such as humans, animals, etc.) is (orderly / thoughtfully) created or modulated by some superhuman non-spatial thinking process/es (NSTP/s). In other words,repparttar individual (or peripheral) NSTP/s are created or modulated by some (central) superhuman NSTP/s (i.e. non-spatial feelings representing superhuman thoughts or ideas). 1. There should be some intelligence responsible forrepparttar 127594 immense order inrepparttar 127595 universe (e.g. gravitational phenomenon or quantum non-locality). I/we,repparttar 127596 individual NSTP/s, are not responsible forrepparttar 127597 order (i.e. orderly spatial illusion). In general, in any machine where its peripherals are not intelligent enough to account for their own behaviour there has to be some central intelligent part inrepparttar 127598 machine to bring outrepparttar 127599 peripheral happenings or phenomena. [ In analogy with desktop computersrepparttar 127600 order inrepparttar 127601 dynamic pattern onrepparttar 127602 monitor screen is created by some central intelligent hardware representing some software. ] 2. Asrepparttar 127603 spatial illusion (say, gravitational phenomenon or quantum non-locality) could be of any logically possible kind there has to be some way to changerepparttar 127604 ways individual NSTP/s are generated (or created or produced). And for that to be possible there has to be some central intelligence existing inrepparttar 127605 form of (non-spatial) feelings, which itself could be modulated to alter (or modulate)repparttar 127606 modulation of individual NSTP/s. [ In analogy with desktop computers ifrepparttar 127607 software instructions or parameters (ultimately some hardware pattern) are changedrepparttar 127608 dynamic pattern on monitor screen could be changed (or even destroyed). ] 3. The central NSTP/s represent superhuman thoughts or ideas (or, in general, mind) as they orderly create individual (non - superhuman) NSTP/s which is a super-task, distinctively beyond human capacities. Theorem 7 : The central superhuman NSTP/s are processed instantaneously (i.e. in zero time). This is because of no spatial limitations. (In space it takes time to transfer data from one spatial location to another.) [ Although a conscious human being, for example, is nothing but an NSTP, it is, at least partially, conceptually (as in contrast with physically) bound torepparttar 127609 spatial biochemical brain, and thusrepparttar 127610 central NSTP/s introduce time lag (i.e. temporal experience) in individual NSTP/s. ] [ Thus, in computer terminology, inrepparttar 127611 NSTP model of realityrepparttar 127612 hardware ofrepparttar 127613 universe is composed of non-spatial feelings, while its (central) software is made of superhuman thoughts, andrepparttar 127614 peripherals represent non-superhuman thoughts, concepts or ideas. ]

Howrepparttar 127615 non - spatial universal computer exactly works. - Consider some experimental setup for detecting quantum non-locality. A conscious (human) being observing one ofrepparttar 127616 photons (say A) is actually a peripheral NSTP. An event in this NSTP has some superhuman or meta representation inrepparttar 127617 central NSTP/s, which is caused and further processed by static (representing laws of physics : in computer terminology main instructions and parameters inrepparttar 127618 software) as well as dynamic (representing thoughts used merely forrepparttar 127619 purpose of processing : in computer terminologyrepparttar 127620 run time data) NSTPs. According to theorem 7 this central processing takes no time, and thus within no time (i.e. instantaneously) creates appropriate illusion ofrepparttar 127621 other photon (say B). Ultimately it appears thatrepparttar 127622 two photons communicate with each other instantaneously or in zero time.

[ Theorems 1 to 4 are relatively axiomatic; theorems 5 to 7 are relatively hypothetical; while theorem 6 and thus theorem 7 are not necessary forrepparttar 127623 NSTP theory, at least for its nomenclature. ]

Conclusion The 7 theorems ofrepparttar 127624 NSTP theory - 1. Feelings are non - spatial. 2. All experiences are feelings. 3. I, a conscious being, am an NSTP (Non-Spatial Thinking Process). 4. Feelings are physical or material. 5. Space is a virtual reality, that fact whichrepparttar 127625 Zenoís paradoxes necessarily imply (for if space is a reality, i.e. ontologically existent, then Zenoís paradoxes would arise/be unsolved). 6. Individual or peripheral NSTP/s are orderly created by central superhuman NSTP/s. 7. The central superhuman NSTP/s take zero time for being processed. The NSTP theory 1. Maintains both mentalism (or idealism : only mind is real), as only non-spatial mind is a reality, and materialism (or realism : only matter is real), as mind itself is matter. 2. Coincidently entailsrepparttar 127626 ideas of philosophers viz Descartes (mind as non-spatial) and Kant (space as a projection of mind). 3. Strongly supports that idea of solipsism (Iímrepparttar 127627 only mind inrepparttar 127628 universe) as well asrepparttar 127629 idea that any apparently spatial entity could be conscious. 4. Falsifies general relativity, for example, on its physical or ontological side, while retaining its (so called) mathematical validity.

Problems with two other models of reality - 1 : Many - worlds : a. Does not explain exactly how a single world splits into many worlds and how many worlds unite into a single world. b. Does not explain consciousness. (i.e. Does not provide appropriate physical basis for consciousness. ) 2. String theories : a. Do not explain consciousness. b. Do not solve problems like quantum non-locality.

- Dr Kedar Joshi Cambridge, UK.

Father of Superultramodern Science (SS)

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I)

Written by Wayne Lowe

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All these ideas I have, I mustnít berepparttar only one having them. Do you sharerepparttar 127593 dream of wondering whatís out there? Do you hope for discovering new beings, new ways of life. Imagine what would be out there. A planet full of wildlife or a planet full of dinosaurs again. We could view fromrepparttar 127594 skies of whatrepparttar 127595 Jurassic period was like. What if we found a species that lived by breathing carbon dioxide, and whose planet gives of oxygen? We could use there oxygen in return for giving them carbon dioxide. Itís just a thought, but there are so many possibilities out there.

Ifrepparttar 127596 big bang that created everything wasrepparttar 127597 only thing ever to exist, then what createdrepparttar 127598 big bang, if whatever createdrepparttar 127599 big bang, then what created, whatrepparttar 127600 big bang was created from. It goes on forever, like saying who godís mother was, then who godís motherís mother was.

Wouldnít you like to leave this planet and travel, searching for new life? Would you do this to berepparttar 127601 first human being to make contact with a new breed of life? I would love to be able to berepparttar 127602 first point of contact for our planet. Showing them we have great and beautiful life here. Intelligence, power, and belief. Along with incredible beauty. Animals, water,repparttar 127603 skies,repparttar 127604 oceans and plants so rare that capture beauty in a single moment. Music to create powerful moods of love, and passion. Different forms of communication, meaningrepparttar 127605 same things. We could send with us, pictures of Caribbean seaís, animals, such asrepparttar 127606 dolphin, or tiger, snow fall, rainforests, large cities, and music composed to relax. The planet, at most 95% has designedrepparttar 127607 way of religions, and believes in some god or another. If we could exchange knowledge in a way that is universal. Would they understand our morse code, or sign language, or even our voices? Would we understand there forms of communication.

If we use about 4% of our brains, maybe they use all of thereís, if they have brains, or like all life and non-life, there is some form of control centre, or nucleus, which performs energy, which transforms into actions or sound, or lights.

Think of this then. There may be a planet like ours, which is inrepparttar 127608 Stone Age. They are just about to discover fire, if we could reach them, we could show themrepparttar 127609 correct ways to makerepparttar 127610 planet far better. We could wipe out hunger, stop havoc from happening, create a peaceful place, place are technology on there and advance from then onwards. On a fresh planet. Recycling everything possible, no cars or pollution. Clean air, and no hunger or homeless people. Wouldnít you like to create this planet if you hadrepparttar 127611 chance? Set rules, and be part ofrepparttar 127612 human race that saved a planet from a possible destruction like ours, with hatred and evil in our world. We could see creatures that died out, we could save them, and plant more trees, correctrepparttar 127613 mistakes weíve made, and inrepparttar 127614 future, when they understand to our level of intelligence, they would know that beings from outer space helped create there world.

There planet could have rare minerals that maybe vital to curing 90% of incurable diseases that we have here on earth. We could use them to save more lives, sorepparttar 127615 people here who die for no reason, could be saved.

If you have already seenrepparttar 127616 movie, then what happens nearrepparttar 127617 end is a hope forrepparttar 127618 survival ofrepparttar 127619 ones who believe there is life out there. Whoever createdrepparttar 127620 little green men, or beings with big black eyes and small bodies, are to blame for people not believing as much. These aliens could be exactly like us, maybe more beautiful than we are as a species. They could have developed Larger brains, or have no reason for bodily hair, as there planet is always warm with a hot glowing sun. They may not even need ears, as they could have developed or have telepathic abilities. Maybe there skin structure is like a planets internal abilities. They survive on minerals from there planet, and sun to keep them alive. We have such a physiology. But we donít need sun that much, although it activates some forms of brain activity, that when it gets dark, we feel tired, and when itís light we wake up. Sorepparttar 127621 alien race could have an advanced cellular structure that needsrepparttar 127622 sun to keep them alive. As futuristic as it sounds, this could berepparttar 127623 future. You would be very mistaken if indeedrepparttar 127624 future was like what I have explained, and you thought I was silly for saying it.

Back to my planet of discovery, where we help to createrepparttar 127625 perfect world up to today. With no damaging chemicals affectingrepparttar 127626 o-zone layer or polluting waters or land. Keeping law and order in order. We could build machines to track meteors, so we can maybe launch rockets at them so they donít destroyrepparttar 127627 planet, or find some way of living underground, or underrepparttar 127628 ocean. All these ideas have been made up by writers and directors.

The only movie to touch my soul of life on other planets is ĎContactí I would love to hear Jodie fosters points of view about this subject andrepparttar 127629 man who createdrepparttar 127630 idea Carl Sagan. A brilliant man who broughtrepparttar 127631 idea into reality. He must have a point of view on this as well.

For all who share this experience with me, and want to talk about it more, then place contact me on this e-mail address, we can design websites, or forums where we can share allrepparttar 127632 ideas we all have ever dreamed of.

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