The Musings of Great Grandma

Written by Peter M.K. Chan

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You see my child, she says, with any indirect evidence or subjective indication,repparttar agnostic has always been more sympathetic. He is that kind of a guy that is willing to entertainrepparttar 126925 possibility of almost anything as he entertainsrepparttar 126926 possibility of mermaids, winged horse, and flying carpets. Thus, even though he is also not too impressed with whatrepparttar 126927 theist claims to ‘see’, he is yet very hesitant about ruling anything out of court, that is, to assert that it is impossible for God or gods to exist. He says that one should not judge and make commitment about matters of which one is not really inrepparttar 126928 position to arbitrate.

With this, continues our great grandma,repparttar 126929 atheist is not very happy. For he still remembers very clearly that once upon a time, it was this very entertainment business (wondering aboutrepparttar 126930 possibilities of this and of that) that was to lead to that eventual leap of faith towardrepparttar 126931 direction of God and lesser spirits. Butrepparttar 126932 agnostic appears to know his facts rather clearly as well. For his reply is thatrepparttar 126933 atheist should not be ungrateful. Had there been no one to dorepparttar 126934 entertaining and performrepparttar 126935 leaping,repparttar 126936 atheist would still be looking for a job. Besides, he does not understand whyrepparttar 126937 atheist would not just wash his hands (since he is already so dead sure that theism is mistaken) and call itrepparttar 126938 day. Do you know what I am saying and see which coin to choose, child?

Why don’t we go for a walk great grandma? Before we do that my boy, says great grandma, let me tell you what great grandpa used to say. It is better, he often said, to believe inrepparttar 126939 existence of anything that may haverepparttar 126940 slightest possibility of making a difference to our lives. His reason was that if it does not exist, nothing would be lost. Onrepparttar 126941 other hand, if it turned out to be alive and kicking, so much would have been gained. Do you seerepparttar 126942 point my boy. It is always smarter not to risk losing anything at all.

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Awe, Perfect!

Written by Joyce C. Lock

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Then one day, while on vacation, I came across a gorgeous handcrafted Canadian resin dove frame. It was twice what I wanted to pay. How could I be sure if it were a perfect match, being several states away? After having labored overrepparttar decision, I concluded that I might not get another chance for a frame like this again.

Once home, I setrepparttar 126924 frame withrepparttar 126925 grouping to see how it might look. Still uncertain, after hesitation, I took apart my framed work, transferred it torepparttar 126926 new frame, then set it in place ofrepparttar 126927 original. Awe! PERFECT! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! How could that be!?! I always thoughtrepparttar 126928 feeling of 'awe, perfect' was God's way of saying something is just right/complete/as it was meant to be.

"How could that be, God?"

He answered, "See. My 'PERFECT' is even better than yours." And, yes, I did 'see'repparttar 126929 difference.

I think God gave me that object lesson as a way of sharing with people something I'd already learned, Exceptrepparttar 126930 Lord buildrepparttar 126931 house, those who build are laboring in vain (Ps.127:1). His 'PERFECT' is better thanrepparttar 126932 very best we can do. All our righteousness is as filthy rags until God begins to live through us; trading in our knowledge, thoughts, beliefs, talents, abilities, creativity for His. 'Awe' to know Him! His ways are always 'PERFECT'!!! And, if we'd just let God build our house and His, they'd both be 'PERFECT', too.

© by Joyce C. Lock This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.

In addition to being a published author and poet, Joyce C. Lock created the religion column, "Christianity Made Simple" for Peru Daily Tribune, continues to write inspirational articles for area newspapers, and shares further in online and e-mail ministries.

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