The Music Revolution Has Begun--A Guide to Internet Music Downloads

Written by Larry Denton

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Musicians and distributors are tapping intorepparttar consumer anger to rewriterepparttar 135883 rules ofrepparttar 135884 music industry amid financial turmoil. is one example. Once just a community of online musicians, it is now becomingrepparttar 135885 Internet's answer to a record label as well, one that leaves much ofrepparttar 135886 power--andrepparttar 135887 selection process--inrepparttar 135888 hands of musicians.

So far,repparttar 135889 digital music movement has been a double-edged sword for artists. Newcomers and struggling musicians findrepparttar 135890 Internet to be a revolutionary way to produce and distribute their own music, bypassingrepparttar 135891 major record labels. The Internet can provide what every musician needs to be successful--exposure. Without exposure, no one buysrepparttar 135892 CDs, attendsrepparttar 135893 concerts or purchasesrepparttar 135894 T-shirts, ball caps, beer mugs and posters sold byrepparttar 135895 artists.

Onrepparttar 135896 other hand, some artists have reacted negatively to online music, fearing a drastic reduction inrepparttar 135897 royalty payments from CD sales and losses of other revenue.

Whether you supportrepparttar 135898 idea of music downloading or not, there is no turning back. As ofrepparttar 135899 end of 2004, 200 million songs were downloaded that year--a tenfold increase fromrepparttar 135900 previous year. Andrepparttar 135901 courts have ruled that file sharing software is NOT illegal, in and of itself.

Whilerepparttar 135902 major legitimate online music services like iTunes Music Store, EMusic, and Napster 2.0, with deals from major record labels, carry between 700,000 and 1 million songs, Internet upstarts like already claim an expanding library of 1.8 million songs available for free.

Whether you use a subscription site and buy your tunes, or search out free music onrepparttar 135903 Web, there is no doubt thatrepparttar 135904 entire music world has been radically changed byrepparttar 135905 Internet andrepparttar 135906 advent of digital music.

So get online, download your favorite tunes, turn uprepparttar 135907 volume, and "letrepparttar 135908 good times roll."

Larry Denton is a retired history teacher having taught 33 years at Hobson High in Hobson, Montana. He is currently V.P. of Elfin Enterprises, Inc., an Internet business providing valuable information on a variety of timely topics. For a recording studio full of information, resources and suggestions about music downloads, visit

Eileina Williams- A Star On The Rise

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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Williams steps out with style covering timeless classics such as “Our Love Is Here To Stay,” which gives an indication of her tremendous range and exceptional projection, and bluesy smoke filled nightclub numbers like “Willow Weep For Me,” focus on her smooth and sultry style and innate sense of rhythm. The warmth and spirituality of her personality comes shining through on every track.

In celebration of her new release, a CD Release Concert ( is scheduled atrepparttar Vintage Café in Pasadena, CA for Sunday May 1st at 2:30 inrepparttar 135882 afternoon. This is a special day forrepparttar 135883 vocalist and all of her steadfast supporters. It promises to be an event filled with joy and hope for everyone in attendance.

For More Information or contact

CD Release Party Address:

Vintage Café 2032 N. Lincoln Ave. Pasadena, CA. 91103


Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck conducts interviews, writes reviews, biographies, press releases and articles for Independent and Major artists Worldwide. Articles are dispersed on a vast network of websites. Links to sites with great music content are provided on my Homepage and Links Page.

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