The Mulleavy Sisters as Fashion Designers

Written by Sher Matsen

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Kate and Laura wrote a letter to vintage guru Cameron Silver charming him with their 10 piece Rodarte collection. He invited them to set up shop during L.A. Fashion Week at Decades. Even without formal training, it is very apparent that this sister act has a sense of style and design as their small Rodarte collection quickly gains momentum. Their line will soon be found in some ofrepparttar countries best boutiques. LA’s Satine, Houston’s Mix, Chicago’s Ikram, New York’s Kirna Zabette. They’ve even managed a private showing for Vogue’s Anna Wintour. The collection ranges from $1300 to $2000 in price. It’s themed aroundrepparttar 148427 romantic west, nature, and their personal family linage. Their black wool crepe bodice dress is an all time favorite. Made from strips of stiff fabric resembling tree trunks, with a delicate flowing skirt. The Earhart coat is a one pocket trench coat, and their military coat is black double faced wool accented with a thin row of pheasant feathers. How much closer to nature can you get? Their fast growing recognition has people wondering who they know. The reality is they haven’t made their debut because of who they know. They’ve come to be on talent andrepparttar 148428 goodwill ofrepparttar 148429 fashion industry. Their current collection is exactly what stylish women want to wear. Their talent is excellent, there genuine about wanting to design and their personalities are drawing. It will be interesting to see where these girls are in a few years.

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Materialism and Individuals

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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‘The flower children and groupies are not often willing to dorepparttar work that many business types and academics have done. I have found what I think of as independent thinkers (Which isrepparttar 148339 main characteristic of a Hippie, I think.) in all social groups or walks of life. Michel Foucault and his students atrepparttar 148340 Sorbonne or Pierre Trudeau and Jean-Paul Sartre and his beau are established thinkers ofrepparttar 148341 genre. This book andrepparttar 148342 work required of any forum seeking change will try to explore why they are so unable to get a larger audience to actually takerepparttar 148343 ethics they speak about and apply them in real world changes.

I will have to get pastrepparttar 148344 Hegelian Being-ness and other confused Neo-Platonic rhetoric torepparttar 148345 nuts and bolts of Gothic ideas and historical agendas again. I guessrepparttar 148346 cultivation of positive emotions can assist in a therapeutic manner which will enable people. But wishful-thinking alone will not solve much ofrepparttar 148347 ethical issues borne through constant power-mongering or people needing to fight each other for more of that elusive and fictional One Pie. Let us strive to reduce any cherished illusions of our history if they do not standrepparttar 148348 test of common sense forrepparttar 148349 good of all people. It may turn out to be an exploration ofrepparttar 148350 sublime inter-connectiveness and I hope I will be fair in seeingrepparttar 148351 positives that Machiavelli andrepparttar 148352 likes of Carlyle can offer real thinkers inrepparttar 148353 present as well.’

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