The Most Profitable Product In The World You Can Ever Sell!

Written by Craig Garber

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Collect flowers as a hobby? How about a book identifying different flowers in different areas ofrepparttar world? Or maybe you can reveal "The Secret Locations Of Rare Wild Flowers!"

What if you sell industrial-sized turbine motors? I bet a good VHS or DVD showing your customers how to use those motors, and how to keep them running maintenance-free, would be a big hit.

Maybe this isrepparttar 143992 way to go with it: "3 Ways To Avoid Costly Repairs To Your Turbine And How To Extend Its Life By As Much As 7 Years!"

You can pretty much come up with a related product for almost any business you have.

What's that you say -- you've got a land-based dry cleaners so you can't use this idea?

Not True!

How about a book that explains how to remove certain stains from a variety of materials and carpeting, or maybe a video that explainsrepparttar 143993 caring and storage of high-end wedding dresses.

Or even better, how about a book along with some software, forrepparttar 143994 dry-cleaning industry about how to increase profits and streamline losses, directed at other people who own dry-cleaning businesses?

You see,repparttar 143995 possibilities are endless.

And remember, nothing is ever set in stone. Even if you can't sell your products, you can definitely give them away as premiums to your customers, to enhancerepparttar 143996 value of your goods and services.

For example, don't you think if you owned a pet shop, you'd have a better chance of selling your kitty litter if you gave away a FREE report along with every single purchase, called "7 Ways To Eliminate Cat Odor!"

Or, let's say you're an accountant -- wouldn't your clients love to know "How To Beat The IRS At Their Own Game!"

You could even use this technique if you're doing something that really makes everyone's hair stand up onrepparttar 143997 end of their arms: Like... what if you sell cemetery plots?

I bet you're customers would love to know, "Everything You Must Know, About Buying Cemetery Plots"

So before we wrap up, let's recap what you learned today:

First,repparttar 143998 most profitable product to sell is information.

Second, you can sell information directly or indirectly related to what you do, to your customers and to new prospects.

And lastly, another thing you can do with information products is to start using them as premiums or bonuses to either entice new people into doing business with you, or to bundle along with your "real" products, enhancing their perceived value. This gives yourepparttar 143999 "edge" in selling for higher prices than you are now.

Remember, there's not a product you can sell that's as easy to put your hands on to develop, as information... and there's no product that's worth as much to your customers and clients as information, either.

Craig Garber is one of America's Top Direct-Response Copywriters and Direct-Marketing Consultants. For more copywriting tips, go to Copyright 2005

Here’s A Little-Known Secret To Writing Copy, For Serious Copywriters Only

Written by Craig Garber

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You get to chooserepparttar voice you like, and you can even slow-down or speed uprepparttar 143991 pace ofrepparttar 143992 voice.

So what happens is, you have your copy in front of you whilerepparttar 143993 Read Please program is reading your text back to you out loud, and then you start making allrepparttar 143994 corrections you need to, whenever you hear a mistake. All you do is "pause"repparttar 143995 program using your mouse, when you have to do this.

You'll be able to see exactly where your errors are as you go along, and it'll be crystal clear whether or not your copy is flowing smoothly, and whether or not you're communicating clearly and saying what you need to.

Using this tool makes your copy much more effective.

If you want, there's even an upgraded version ofrepparttar 143996 software you can buy for a few bucks, that has some nice bells and whistles added.

Consistently using Read Please helps me discover loads of errors I never would have ferreted out on my own -- at least not without a 12-year old readingrepparttar 143997 piece back to me.

Remember,repparttar 143998 number one error you'll find yourself making, is not speaking clearly enough to your prospects. Remember, your prospect isn't "inside" your head -- they really don't understand what you're trying to sell them. So be crystal clear in what you're saying -- no one ever lost a sale for speaking too clearly!

Craig Garber is one of America's Top Direct-Response Copywriters and Direct-Marketing Consultants. For more copywriting tips, go to Copyright 2005

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