The Most Overlooked Ways to Legally Decrease Taxes!

Written by Tim Merrell, The Dental Guy

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“Hmm, but how will that help my taxes?” She cautiously questioned.

“Okay, if you become a broker, then allrepparttar supplies you use, such as printer ink cartridges, paper, brochures, your phone line, equipment, and your mileage traveled pertaining to business become write-offs.” I gave herrepparttar 137171 following example.

“My biggest deduction each year is business miles. This is a great deduction available to those of us who are self-employed, and maintain a mileage log. Let say, you travel from your home to a potential client’s office or home. The distance betweenrepparttar 137172 homes is 20 miles round trip. As of 2004, you can write off mileage atrepparttar 137173 rate of 37.5 cents a mile. That’s correct, 37.5 cents a mile. That little trip, allows you a tax deduction of $7.50 andrepparttar 137174 icing onrepparttar 137175 cake; you getrepparttar 137176 client.” If my sister started a home based business, then money spent while she was learningrepparttar 137177 ropes is a tax write-off. She could learn a new job, with free training, and actually start making a monthly income, that could build into a source of retirement income, while she worked at home.

That is how I started self-employment. I can legally deduct my $35.00 monthly broker fees, and other business expenses. My family receives dental and vision benefits, office supply discounts, Dell computer discounts, grocery coupon booklets, Lifeguard Nurse Line, and use ofrepparttar 137178 legal and financial library, with more than 5,000 accounting forms and agreements. If you are tired of writing tax checks torepparttar 137179 government, see and start building your residual income. Want to talk first; call me toll free at 888-858-3778. My motto: Thrive in 2005.

Tim Merrell, dubbed The Dental Guy brings his years of expertise in the employee benefits' industry. Working with such clients as Las Vegas Hotels, municipalities and government groups, Tim gained extensive experience in the ability to handle any size employee group; large, medium or small. He can be reached toll free at 888-858-3778 or (435) 628-1595, or email

"How to Choose an Online Biz Mentor"

Written by Bryan A. Jones

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The definition of a mentor according to Webster is,

1. A trusted counselor or guide. 2. Tutor, Coach.

Let me give you 4 simple points to help you find a good online business mentor:

1. They must have honesty, integrity and credibility. 2. They must have legitimate,successful experience in this industry. 3. They must have a proven, verifiable track record. 4. They must be able to answer in clear termsrepparttar most basic question every online marketer asks when starting this business. It goes something like this:

"I am still fairly new to this whole Internet marketing thing. I've tried a handful of opportunities and spent hundreds of dollars on information and services so far. I've gotten nowhere. I need to start making money now! Can you help me finally grow a reliable income source online like you did?"

If your potential mentor fulfills all of these categories, then you are on your way to online success. But if not, run away as fast as you can. You will lose more than gain.

Once you find this person(s) listen and follow their lead. And when you become successful (and you will)you can become a mentor to your list of proteges'and help them succeed,too.

Bryan Jones is the owner of website and the editor of the StraighTalk to Online Newbies e-newsletter. Bryan is a strong advocate for the online business "newbie" and offers a FREE Quick-Start Kit that includes a 42-page guidebook. This FREE kit can be found at

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