The Most Important Aspect of Writing Web Copy

Written by Gary Glasscock

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In getting to know your audience, you must learn what some of their deepest desires are. If you donít? Youíre wasting your time and money. This holds true for direct mail copy as well as web copy. This is what makes those long, direct mail style websites sellrepparttar product or service that is being promoted. Itís also what makes those editorial, news offering websites so effective.

This is SO IMPORTANT that it cannot be overstated. It cannot be overlooked. You must know your audience. Only then can you, orrepparttar 149867 copywriter that you have hired, write effectively. Knowing your audience will also dictate which style of writing web copy will berepparttar 149868 most effective.

Sorepparttar 149869 next time you hire a copywriter to write your web copy, supply them with as much information as you can get your hands on about your audience. And if you are writingrepparttar 149870 web copy yourself, make sure that you takerepparttar 149871 necessary time to learn as much as you can about your audience. If you do this, you will be greatly rewarded by increased sales, increased leads, or increased sign ups.

Gary Glasscock is a freelance copywriter specializing in writing effective web copy and direct mail copy. He has studied under many of the current "great" copywriters as well as studying many of the all-time great copywriters. As a result, he has developed a style that is cumulative of all these influences. Gary's website is located at

Web Conferencing 101

Written by Richard Keir

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So, do you suppose this covers it all? Just those four areas reflect a huge growth ofrepparttar available modalities for conferencing and meeting over only a few years ago. Rememberrepparttar 149866 old landline conference call? Once it was a major deal to be able to add a third person to a phone call. Now you can spend months just researching available solutions.

And this really doesn't even touch systems such as desktop video conferencing,repparttar 149867 extensions of phone conferencing andrepparttar 149868 interaction of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services with all forms of web conferencing. Attending teleseminars in foreign countries, once prohibitively expensive for many, is now an accessible alternative with low-priced VoIP gateway services that allow fixed price calls to any landline or mobile phone.

As internet service continues to increase in speed and decline in price,repparttar 149869 utility of these kinds of conferencing solutions will continue to expand. The growth ofrepparttar 149870 cybersphere andrepparttar 149871 elaboration of purpose driven and affinity communities onrepparttar 149872 internet will continue to driverepparttar 149873 development and integration of conferencing and communication software and services. In a very real sense conferencing software is atrepparttar 149874 heart ofrepparttar 149875 new realities thatrepparttar 149876 explosive growth of internet usage in every corner ofrepparttar 149877 world is creating. These are social applications and they are changing how people live, interact and view each other.

There is yet another form of widely used "conferencing" software which is rarely mentioned in this connection. Multi-user, real-time, online games of all types from role=playing to live gambling (play poker with your friends, live roulette, etc.). Some of these systems are highly sophisticated and a lot of people love them. Their attraction lies not only inrepparttar 149878 ability to vicariously be someone (or something) else or to do things that may not be available locally, but inrepparttar 149879 social interactions andrepparttar 149880 communities that develop. While surfing is pretty much an unsocial activity, people are social creatures andrepparttar 149881 popularity of all types of solutions offering interactive contact and a sense of community reinforces this.

Marketing use of audio conferencing inrepparttar 149882 form of teleseminars and pre-recorded audio streams have undergone tremendous growth inrepparttar 149883 last year alone. Bandwidth still limitsrepparttar 149884 quality ofrepparttar 149885 video that's often used with pre-recorded audio to fairly static material. But this is changing as compression and streaming technologies improve. The major breakthrough that's still to come isrepparttar 149886 technology to effectively and affordably do, first, one-way live high quality video and beyond that live interactive multi-way video overrepparttar 149887 internet. If it seems like a difficult, perhaps impossible task, think again about whatís happened inrepparttar 149888 last five years. Andrepparttar 149889 future is arriving faster allrepparttar 149890 time.

Richard writes, teaches, trains and consults on business and professional presentations and eCommerce related matters. For more information on web conferencing, VoIP, conference calling and related subjects visit - find more on wireless and cellular subjects at and check for networking and security.

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